Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can I have this dance?

You wanna know how I spent my Superbowl Sunday? I admit that I'm a little embarrassed to confess it. But I'm going to anyway.

I was home alone and I had the TV all to myself. Did I watch the Superbowl? ...bahahahahahah! Do I seem the kind of girl who would watch the Superbowl if she didn't have to? *singsongvoice* I don't think so.

So guess what I did watch? *clearsthroatsandstaresatwallsheepishly* I watched ALL three High School Musical movies on Disney channel. I admit to feeling a bit like a 13 year old. But that's okay because I was home alone and no one was there to judge me! Like you are probably doing right now...

Guess what I discovered upon watching these three movies. Besides the fact that Disney Channel has gone down hill since I was a kid. First off, I learned that Zac Efron got buffer with each movie... and I love him his arms. He has, at least in the second and third movies, fantastic biceps. And you know how I feel about biceps/arms. ;) Second, if I was a parent, I would totally let my daughters watch these movies!

And here's why: there are very few movies that can have a sweet love story without any sex/mention of sex/references to sex that are rated G and not cartoon. Even more, a movie about high schoolers without drugs and sex and all sorts of bad stuff. These movies have the love story, positive friendships, and a message about learning to be yourself despite peer pressure. I admit, High School Musical is just a smidge corny and dorky but it's clean and has a good message... in each movie. Plus, who doesn't like musicals? (I know several people who don't like musicals but the question is meant to be rhetorical.)

That is what I did on Sunday. And I will also admit that I've had songs from the movies running through my head for the last few days. I love musicals! Even if they are dorky ones about high schoolers who sing. :)

Good thing I'm a dork who likes corny movies and music and such.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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