Friday, December 23, 2011

Not a Scrooge or a Grinch but a Charlie Brown!

"Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Brown-est!" -Violet(?)

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks. Now I'm finally in the mood and mindset to write it. First off, let me give you a couple of definitions before I get into my chaotic thoughts.

A "Scrooge" is a miserly grouch who hates people and loves money.

 A "Grinch" is someone (or something) who hates Christmas and wants to make everyone as miserable as he or she is.

A "Charlie Brown" is someone who doesn't like the commercialism of Christmas and can't seem to catch the "Magic of Christmas".

 I fall in the the third category. I openly call myself a "Charlie Brown". I like Christmas. I do. I'm not out to get people and I'm not out to drive the Spirit of Christmas from their lives. I just hate the commercialism that comes with the Holiday Season. I hate the stores that start selling Christmas themed candy and items the day after (sometimes before) Halloween. I hate the radio stations that play mediocre Christmas music for three months (*cough* you know who you are FM 100 *cough*). I hate that Santa Clause is the symbol of the season. Santa Clause is a LIE!

*Deep Breath* Sorry. I didn't mean to go all crazy psycho on you. I have a lot of pent up emotions that I'm laying out on paper on screen.

I guess I wish that I had a Linus in my life. You know, like Charlie Brown does. I need someone who can bring back the "Magic of Christmas" by reminding the world what Christmas is all about. Perhaps the problem is that everyone has a different meaning of Christmas. And the "world" has a version of Christmas that is full of consumerism and commercialism.

Sometimes we have to be our own Linus'... For me Christmas should revolve around the birth (and life) of Jesus Christ. He is the reason for this season, as cliche as the may sound. The celebration of His birth is what brings us together as friends and family to share gifts and time with each other. However, the true meaning of Christmas has become lost behind the glitz and glamor of the evil jolly old man in a red suit, Santa Clause himself.

As I reflect on what I have written thus far I am struck with my judgmental attitude . Here I am spouting off my own beliefs as if everyone should feel the same I do. But everyone feels and believes different things.

Basically, I just wanted to admit right here that I am a "Charlie Brown" and I can't seem to find the "Magic of Christmas" anymore.

But I do want to wish a Merry Christmas to you just the same.

I hope that you find joy and love in this holiday season, however you choose to celebrate it.

Merry Christmas Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Monday, December 5, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I think I love fairy tales. More accurately, I like these refurbished retold refreshed ...I like how the fairy tales are told in ABC's Once Upon a Time. It think it's fresh and interesting and creative. I mean, to put all our classic (or maybe classic DISNEY) fairy tales into one land where they're all connected in some way... that's pretty dang cool. I just had a thought that Shrek did that... but I don't really think much about Shrek because... well I just don't.

Anyway, I'm really impressed by this show. I have enjoyed it immensely. That could just be the hopeless girl inside of me but I like how the stories are interwoven between the past/fairy tale land and the modern day in Storybrook.

So those of you who aren't familiar with Once Upon a Time, let me give you a brief recap. So we start with Emma Stone who is found by the 10 year old son, Henry, that she gave up for adoption. She has to take him home to Storybrook, Maine and that's where she learns that he has a book that tells the stories of all the people who live in Storybrook. Their real stories. The ones they were living before the evil queen, Henry's adoptive mom, cast a spell to get rid of all the happy endings. (This makes me think of Susan Sarandon in Enchanted.)

Of course, Emma is concerned for the mental stability of Henry but I think she starts to sort of believe him... or at least she humors him. Anyway, she ends up staying in Storybrook for Henry. She doesn't care for his adoptive mom, the mayor of the town, and a major manipulator.

We learn about the characters of our favorite fairy tales. The main emphasis is upon Snow White and her Prince Charming. The show tends to revolve around them whilst giving the back story of other characters like Cinderella and Jiminy Cricket...

The only way that the spell can be broken and the people of Storybrook to remember their "real" lives is for Emma to conquer the evil queen/mayor. Did I mention that Emma the outsider is all part of this... she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. 

I personally, love this show. I think it's entertaining and every episode leaves me wanting more. Not to mention the attractive men that grace the screen. Prince Charming and the sheriff of Storybrook...
Need proof... I'll happily provide it. :)

Believe me, this picture doesn't do him justice...

You forget the beard when he speaks... Irish accent. *drool*

Okay... so I've written my post. I just had to share the my love for this show with you. Sometimes, I'll admit, I wish it was a movie so we could have the ending already but I like the series. I'm excited to see what else they can do to make the world of our beloved fairy tales new and interesting.

Thanks for listening to me babble. Have a blessed day. (What movie is that from?)

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. I just remembered! It's from Valentines Day. Jamie Foxx says it to Jessica Biel. I'm good! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Two weeks and seven seasons later...

Recently I wrote about how I'd marry John Krasinski/ Jim Halpert. Well after I wrote that post I had the urge to watch The Office. So I started on season one and worked my way to through season seven and into the latest episodes in season eight. It was a good time. I had some good laughs and I mooned over Jim just a little too much. But it was nice to get caught back up. I got distracted by other things somewhere around season five or six.

And because I just watched all the seasons, they are fresh in my mind and I've come away with a few of my own observations/opinions.
  • Jim is pretty much awesome.
  • The chemistry between Jim and Dwight is much more interesting than between Dwight and Michael.
  • Even after they're married, Jim and Pam are fun to watch.
  • Later seasons aren't as funny as earlier seasons.
  • Michael is more interesting, more rounded, and more mature in later seasons. He's not as annoying.
  • Even after they're married, Jim and Pam are interesting to watch.
  • Andy is better as Regional Manager. Or maybe he's just more fun to watch.
  • Dwight considers Pam a friend even though she married his "mortal enemy", Jim.
I know this is only a handful but I wasn't planning on this post when I watched the series or else I would have taken notes.

It was a good time, I'll admit. Even though the series is kind of on the downhill slide, I still enjoy it. Life is like that, always changing. And TV shows, unfortunately, always have their day in the sun before the world moves on and gets a new show. But for now, I'll keep enjoying The Office while it's on. :)

My all time favorite quote from the series... also the one I remembered the most. :)

"I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we'd need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marring her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." -Jim Halpert (Love it!!)

So there you go. A random post about The Office and my disconnected thoughts. And just because I can't help myself...

I know. I'm hopeless...

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Girl's Kryptonite

I like boys/guys/men. If you read my blog regularly (or if you know me personally) you should know this already. And you should know that I'm a huge fan of Bones. (Don't worry, this isn't so much a Bones-centric post as a mention.)

Well, I was watching the Bones season seven premier a few weeks ago with my friend, Michelle, and there was this scene where the hunky Dr. Hodgins is shown in a home video with his new baby. And he's sitting on the floor in jeans and a tee-shirt playing with his son. Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

I commented to Michelle how hot guys with kids are kind of a girl's kryptonite. Of course, married guys with kids... well, we're not really allowed to be attracted to married guys. Not really anyway. *shifty eyes*

But because this is fiction and it's Hodgins, we're allowed to drool a little by the sight of this burly man playing with his five to eight (not entirely sure the timeline of the show) month old child. And his biceps flexing and his shirt-sleeves...

[Remember how I sort of have a thing for beautiful arms?]

Maybe it's the potential mothers within us (girls) that draws us to men that are good (not in a pervy kind of way) with kids. We want to know that our husbands, our children's fathers are going to be good with their kids. That they're going to interact with them.

Maybe I'm being my own delusional self but I just felt like putting this out there. That girls can be affected by hot guys with kids/babies. Or maybe girls can be affected by Hodgins [T.J. Thyne] and his son.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to babble about.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. I wish I had a picture to show you but I don't. Sorry. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cute-in-a-normal-guy-kind-of-way: why I'd marry John Krasinski

Last night I was watching "Something Borrowed" with Ginnifer Goodwyn and Kate Hudson. First off, the movie felt much like "Bride Wars". It wasn't a horrible movie but it wasn't that fantastic either. I was entertained and I really shipped Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwyn) and her best guy friend Ethan (John Krasinski). But as many movies go, Rachel did end up with the smoking hot guy instead of the lovable, cute-in-a-normal-guy-kind-of-way, real guy. Which I guess is how it is meant to be in the movies. But I decided upon watching this movie, and it's possible that I was tired and out of my mind, that I would marry John Krasinski.

Now, now. Don't worry. I'm not going to hop on a plane and fly out to California and start stalking him. This is all metaphorical... I guess... And perhaps it's more accurate to say that I would fly to Scranton, PA and marry Jim Halpert. (We'll just conveniently pretend that he's not already married to Pam.) I say this because, come on, I don't really know anything about John Krasinski and it's unlikely that I ever will. But Jim, well I know all about him.... does that sound super stalker-y? Oh well.

I really do have a point to this post. (Maybe). And it is this... hot guys are nice to look at but if you're an average girl like me, you're probably not ever going to catch the eye of the super hot (perhaps a little fictional) guy who works with you/is in your class/goes to the same store/same gym as you. Unfortunately, hot people tend to go for other hot people. You generally tend to go for people on the same level of attractiveness as you. (Now, this isn't always true and this could be totally slightly stereotypical.)

Do I think John Krasinski/Jim Halpert is on my level of attractiveness? Ha ha ha. Totally NOT! He's so much more attractive but at least he feels attainable to a girl like me. [Side note: This is not a bash on myself post. I do not think I'm ugly or unattractive. I'm just a cute-in-a-normal-girl-kind-of-way.]

So why would I marry him? Because I know that the Seeley Booth of my dreams is never going to actually show up. Okay... saying that makes me feel like... I'm a snob face. I'm not saying that the man I will someday end up spending time and all eternity with is going to be some hideous ogre with a heart of gold. I'm sure that to me, he will be hot. To me, I'll love him even if he's not as hot as Seeley Booth/David Boreanaz. To me, I'm sure that I'll find him attractive and I'll want to kiss his face off. Ha ha.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if given the choice of the smoking hot but fictional guy compared to a real live, flesh and blood, cute-in-a-normal-guy-like-John-Krasinski-kind-of-way I'd pick the real cute guy. So I'd drool over Seeley Booth and I'd marry Jim Halpert and/or John Krasinski.

I think I've officially gone nuts... but that's okay. I know I'm not alone.

So... who would you pick? The hot and possibly fictional guy that you probably wouldn't feel like you deserved or the real cute guy who makes you feel good about yourself because they are... well, real?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. Just because I'm awesome, I thought I'd include a picture of John Krasinski and Jim Halpert. :) You can thank me with caramels.

Based on the pictures, personally I'd pick John.... I mean, his biceps are showing and I have a weakness! Don't judge me!

Although, his sleeves are rolled up in this one. And he's making paper airplanes...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So you know how life is...

I wrote sometime last week (I think it was last week) about finding a third roommate for this apartment that was supposedly a "good" deal. Ha! Well, they weren't super upfront about what the actual cost would be. Let's just say, I can't afford it.

Yeah. That's right. Less than a week before moving day, I'm backing out. I feel like a horrible person. I feel unreliable and like a loser. But I feel relieved. I've been stressing about this apartment and about my finances for a few weeks but I seriously thought that it would work out.

But these added expenses weren't planned on. And I can't do it. So I'm doing the one thing I vowed never to do. I'm moving home. And the idea doesn't repulse me. I feel relief actually. Financially, it'll be a relief. I'll have to commute a half an hour each morning and afternoon but strangely enough, the idea isn't a bad one.

It's quite interesting actually. I'm ending my senior year the way I started my freshman year: Living at home and driving to school 3 days a week. One major difference is that I'll be driving over the other three days to work.

This is only temporary though. I think this will give me time to save some money, avoid roommate drama, and maybe get closer to my youngest brother.

*Deep breath* Now, the hard part is taking care of all the things I started this week when I still thought I'd be moving to this apartment. And I feel so bad for the roommate I did have lined up. Now she's hanging out in the wind and it's my fault. But life goes on and she'll find her place. But I'm still sorry!

That's how life is though. Unexpected. And it doesn't turn out how you plan it. This is definitely not how I planned it at all.

*Another deep breath* Guess I'm still moving. Just not to where I planned.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This crazy thing they call life

I've been pretty stressed out these last few days. The main reason is simple. I have an apartment lined up and for sure have one roommate lined up but we need a third person to move in with us. I thought it would be so easy to find someone. I thought that there were tons of girls anxiously looking for an apartment with a couple of awesome roommates. Of the three people who have shown an interest, two have said no. The one is still in limbo. And I'm starting to freak out. I think that we could maybe afford one month with just the two of us but... it would be tight. And I really don't want to try. I'd really just like someone to be interested and say yes.

I know that if it doesn't work out, that I won't be immediately homeless (there's always the option of moving back home- gag- love you mom and dad!). I still have a little time in my current place (my brother's house) but they're expecting a baby (my first nephew!) and I want them to have the room to baby-fy it before January.

I keep waiting for my phone to ring with someone on the line wanting in. It hasn't happened yet. We've posted stuff everywhere advertising this amazing apartment! But no one seems to want to move in with us.

Stress is becoming a normal part of my day. Not like, normal day-to-day stress but the kind that puts a pit of nervous energy in your stomach so that all you can think about is this thing that is stressing you out. What will it take to get someone interested in this apartment!? And what will happen if no one ever does get interested? Will I be stuck back in square one where I have to go looking for an apartment again? I don't want that!

This stress gets multiplied when I start thinking about the fact that Christmas is coming and graduation is coming and I really don't have my life figured out. I've been planning on this apartment thing working out and now I'm scared that it's not going to. Then all my plans will fall through and I'll dive into the depths of a stress induced depression and my will to accomplish things will fall even more so than it is now.

*Deep breath* I think writing this post is helping... or making me more stressed because now my problems are "down-on-paper".

Life is crazy. And full of stress. And never goes according to plan. How am I going to make it through?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Wendell Bray

And the Fictional Guy of the Week is... Wendell Bray!

Where He's From: Fox's BONES

His Story:

We don't really know much about Wendell Bray due mostly to his position as a secondary (or would he be tertiary level?) character. What we have learned, we've pieced together from numerous episodes. He comes from a lower class neighborhood and he's going to school on scholarship and with the help of loving neighbors. He comes from a single parent home (right?) and he has knowledgeable skills as a bar-tender. He has street smarts but he's also very good with science. 

He gets along with everyone in the lab and Booth. They play on the same hockey team and seem to be really comfortable with each other. Also, Wendell is very good friends with Hodgins (even thought he slept/dated Hodgins' girl!)

Wendell, as of late, has been the most seen/used intern in the lab. (I have no qualms about this.) And there you go. I think that about covers it. Right?

Why He's FGW: 

I've never considered writing about one of the "squinterns" from Bones before but when I saw Wendell (aka Michael Grant Terry) on an episode of Criminal Minds I just couldn't resist. (I may have seen him shirtless...) Of all the rotating interns, Wendell is probably my favorite. I'd be totally okay if he became the permanent intern. My reasoning is this: he is a little bit of Hodgins and a little bit of Booth. Meaning... he has the perfect balance of scientist and real life guy to be an asset to the lab. At least I think so.

I think Wendell is awesome. I think he's got the background that makes him able to relate to everyone in the lab. Single parent issues= Cam. Science stuff= Brennan. Hockey/sports/street smarts= Booth. Science (and Angela)= Hodgins. Compassion/knowledge of human suffering (or whatever)/ (Hodgins)= Angela. So you see, Wendell's got something for everyone.

He's got the perfect balance of traits that make him excellent in the lab but he also has an understanding of human nature. In essence... Wendell Bray is AWESOME!

 And now my favorite part... pictures!

What are you thinking Mr. Bray?

He looks all "squintern-y". Mmm...

See above caption.

Pretty much awesome!

And this is the "human" side of Wendell Bray. Wowzer!
And because I couldn't resist (and the fact that there aren't a ton of pictures of Wendell Bray) here are a couple of the one and only Michael Grant Terry.

Color me smitten!

I think I love him... just a little.

I'm coming to the startling conclusion that the greater portion (or all) of my FGW's are only written because I find the character/real life person attractive. Do you judge me? ...If you do then you're a lame-o! I can't help it that I find certain men attractive. So sue me. But don't really.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

This week's Fictional Guy of the Week is... (if you can't tell from the title) Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds!!

Where He's From: (the very short lived) Firefly and Serenity (it's a movie)

His Story:

Just a quick background for those of you who have never seen Firefly (and if you haven't, you totally should!). The story starts after the earth got used up and new "earths" have been created on different planets. The central planets have technology and the power. The outer planets are not as technologically advanced, some rivaling the old west in our history. Anyway... Malcolm Reynolds was raised on a ranch on a planet on the outskirts of the system (if I remember correctly).

There was a rebellion when the central planets started to demand control of all the other planets and Mal was part of the rebellion fighting against them. Unfortunately, the rebellion failed and the central government won control. So now, here's a man who's lost faith in his beliefs. So he buys a ship and gathers a rag-ma-tag crew and starts flying around doing whatever jobs (smuggling) he can get

So the gist is... Mal Reynolds is a space cowboy who has lost his faith and now has a crew depending on him for their livelihoods. They tend to get into some pretty interesting situations but somehow they make it through... as they should. [Spoiler alert: by the end of Serenity (the movie that conclude the abruptly ended series) Mal has gotten back some of his faith.]

For serious, go watch Firefly. It'll change your life. (That may be a little dramatic but go with me on this.)

Why He's FGW:

So why is Mal Reynolds FGW? There are so many reasons. Number one: Nathan Fillion!! Nathan Fillion plays Mal Reynolds and makes him who he is. (Confused yet?) I L-O-V-E Nathan Fillion. He makes my heart happy and I would marry him if he asked (also, dramatic... and there's like a twenty year age difference between us... that could be awkward...)

Number two: He's fan-freaking-awesome!! I mean, a SPACE COWBOY!! If you know me, you know I kind of sort of have a thing for a) cowboys- or at least the idea of them and b) guys with guns... Add the surly yet lovable character of Mal and I'm in love.

Mal has issues- but doesn't everybody? He's a little surly and curmudgeonly. He's not a particularly happy person. He refuses to admit failure. He tends to make some situations worse than they should be. But... he cares, even if he tries to seem like he doesn't. He feels responsible for his crew and he'll do what he has to to keep them safe and fed. He does have sense of justice and he will put his life on the line for someone he cares about.

Basically, he's a man with flaws and as a hopeless romantic, I love him. Ha ha ha!

Of course, I haven't forgotten about our (my) favorite part of FGW. Picture time!!

Uh, can anyone say "Space Cowboys are hot?"

See above picture caption
Can you see why I love him?

Remember that thing I have about guys and guns... as long as they're not bad guys... And he is not a bad guy.

I thought this was cool picture. Look at Adam Baldwin... also hot! (I think I have issues)

Love him! Especially in suspenders!

I'll admit that he looks a little like Han Solo here... love it!

Yowza! He's awesome!

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly...

Okay, so the title is taken directly from Kelly Clarkson's song Breakaway. A song I happen to like lots and lots. I was driving home from a visit with my parents when this song came on the radio. I've liked it since it came out but for some reason it really struck me this time around.

Here's why. I graduate with a degree in English with an emphasis in Technical and Professional writing. Here's a confession: I don't know if I really want to do that. Mostly, I've been just trying to reach that goal of getting my degree... in something I'd enjoy doing. As I've gotten closer to that end goal, I've become increasingly aware that I'm not really into it. It doesn't make me happy. I don't mind doing it. But I don't mind my current low paying job. I want to find something that I'd be somewhat happy doing.

The whole reason this has been plaguing me lately is because I've been stuck in this mindset that I have to have my whole future planned as soon as I graduate from school. I've always that I'd have everything planned and figured out by the time graduation rolled around. I don't.

I don't have anything planned. And you know what? That's okay. I've decided to take what would be "spring semester" and just figure out what I'm going to do next. I mean, I have a job that pays the bills and I can go full time there. And I have a place to live. It's not like I'm going to be jobless and homeless as soon as I get my degree in hand.

What I really want to be when I grow up is a writer. A fiction writer to be more exact. I've always thought I was a good writer (please correct me if I'm wrong thought) and I've always had story ideas running through my head. I would be okay with a job that pays the bills and still gives me time to write. (At least, at this point I think I would be.) And the good news is that this isn't a permanent thing. If I decide that I want to give technical writing a shot, I still have a degree and the knowledge to get caught with the current trends and technologies.

Along with writing, I think I'd like to be a librarian (yes, I have blogged about this before). So if I want to take that path, I'll need to go for a masters. At this point, I'm nowhere ready to apply and do all that it takes to getting into grad school by January. Plus, I don't have the money to pay for graduate school. I could spend a year and a half working (somewhere) and saving money for that.

Basically, I just want to admit in writing that I don't have to have it all figured out by the time graduation comes along in eight-ish weeks. (Holy crud!!) My life isn't suddenly going to come to a complete standstill if I don't have a career/job lined up as soon as I get out of school. I've been in school for 19 years (this is including two years of pre-school because in my mind, that counts). It would be nice to have a break and just work and to know what I've accomplished- getting a bachelors.

So I'm going to "take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway." (Feel free to sing this out loud or in your head- I did.)

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Friday, October 7, 2011

I shouldn't be so excited...

This morning I watched a promo for season seven of Bones. It was so AWESOME!!! I can't wait! There are 27 days until the season premier!! Can I make it?! *clears throat* So anyway, I've decided that I might be just a little too excited. I mean, it is just a television show. The characters are fictional. It's about murder and full of gross bodies. I shouldn't like it so much. I should be cool and adult-like and not get so excited.

Forget that! I'm totally excited!! I'll be counting down the days until Michelle and I have our Bones premier party! Not counting today... 27! Tomorrow there will be 26! And the day after that will be 25! This is not healthy...

*deep breath* I am calm. I am not squealing and jumping up and down like a five year old. This is all figurative by the way. I'm sitting in the hallway at school and thus cannot jump up and down without making a fool of myself.

Until Next Time,

 The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. Please don't judge me too harshly for my excitement. It's the little things that get me through my last semester of school. This is definitely one of those things. 

Fictional Guy of the Week: Matthew Quigley

This week's Fictional Guy of the Week is... Matthew Quigley!!

Where He's From: Quigley Down Under

His Story:

Matthew Quigley is a gunman. Meaning he knows guns. He travels to Australia to show off one of his modifications to a ranch owner named Marstons. While in Australia Quigley meets Crazy Cora who thinks he's her husband, Roy, come to fetch her.

Quigley doesn't care much for Crazy Cora but still lets her tag along with her. They are each others constant companions from the port to the ranch to the outback to the Aborigine tribe back to the port. Eventually, I think Quigley does come to care for Cora and she loses a lot of her craziness when she finally comes to terms with the fact that she accidentally killed her own child and that her husband sent her away after the fact.

Quigley learns of the ruthlessness of Marston and his men. He ends up killing a couple of them, including Marston. He also befriends a tribe of Aborigine that come to his rescue a few times. Pretty much it's the trip of a lifetime full of adventure, gunfights, crazy people, and near death experiences.

[If you really want to know his story, just watch Quigley Down Under. You won't be disappointed.]

Why He's FGW:

I love Quigley. He's the epitome of an American cowboy even when in the Outback. Also, he shoots guns. I don't know what it is about good guys with guns that sends my heart to pounding. Add Tom Selleck (whom I love beyond words) and the cowboy ways and the guns and the good guyness. Wow! I think I'm in love.

I just love his sense of right and wrong. He won't work for Marston. He protects Cora even when she's nutso. He learns and accepts the ways of the Aborigine who save his life. He's a good guy. Plus... I think he's hot. ;) I mean, tall, broad shouldered, dimples, and a pretty dang stinking amazing mustache (who is Tom Selleck without a mustache?).

Okay... I'm always going to write these amazing posts about these characters but while writing all I want to do is stare (and drool) over pictures.

So for your viewing pleasure, I present the picture portion...

[There aren't a ton of pictures so don't hate me- hate the internet... and my laziness...]

Come on! I thought this was cute. So sue me.

Quigley and Cora's first meeting. He's defending her honor... sort of.
Don't tell me you're not impressed.
Tall, broad shoulders, and carrying a gun... where can I get one?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ten Things That Get Me Through

I woke up this morning and knew it was going to be a bad morning. I laid in bed staring blindly up at the ceiling. I normally ninja-roll out of bed every morning. I finally got up and brushed my teeth and cleaned off my day old mascara. But then I laid back on my bed and stared at the ceiling for awhile. I didn't want to go to school. I didn't want to do anything really. I wanted to simply exist.

Very rarely, I'll have days like this and usually there's some kind of trigger. I'm not sure what the trigger is today. It could be a combination of things. It could be a few sleepless nights. The question mark that is my future. The recent loss of my younger brother. The overwhelming task of school. Or simply hormones.

I decided to skip school today except for the one class that I had homework due. I took my time getting showered and ready. I watched an episode of What Not To Wear. I went to the store and got a can of pumpkin pie mix for my pumpkin bars and then I left for my class.

As I was walking to campus, still debating whether I really wanted to go to this class or not, I caught the scent of freshly cut grass. I thought to myself, "I like the smell of cut grass." Somehow that train of thinking got me to the topic of this post: Ten things that get me through days like today. The first five are in order and the rest are pretty random.

1) Heavenly Father loves me and He is mindful of me.

2) My family loves me (even when I do stupid stuff like skip school).

3) My friends are there for me, especially Michelle who lets me vent and be a whiny baby sometimes.

4) Tomorrow is another day and it can only be better than today. I just have to fight the fight and make it til then.

5) Writing

6) Reading

7) Dr. Pepper

8) Chocolate/ice cream (some days they are tied)

9) TV and/or movies that help me escape the real world for a brief time.

10) The pleasant truth that my days as an undergrad student are numbered.

So there you go. That's the list of things that help me get through it. Even as I wrote these things out, I felt myself climbing just a little higher out of this slump. Perhaps as the day continues, I'll find my way out. 

Hope your day is going better than mine.

Until Next Time,

Simply Nic

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I woke up at two this morning from a horrible dream. It wasn't a scary dream, per se. Or a heart pounding one either. It was one that felt so real that I woke up expecting it to be true. Once I realize that it wasn't real, I stared at the clock and realized that I had 5 hours to keep sleeping. One small part of me almost got out of bed then. I didn't want to go back to sleep. But I knew I would be exhausted at school and that it was be bad. So I rolled over and closed my eyes.

I didn't get out of bed until 7:30. I ran out of cotton balls so I had to use one to clean the caked mascara from under my eyes and because it didn't quite get it all, I used a q-tip to get the rest. Then I finished getting ready for school.

On the way to school, there was no music on the radio. It was all commercials on all six of my presets. And living in this valley, there are only a handful of radio stations that actually work. I need my music. It helps me relax and unwind a little. The music on the radio can set the mood for my day. Obviously, there was none so now my mood is "ticked off".

Or it could be that it's Monday and I don't want to be at school today. Unfortunately, it is imperative that I be in three of my four classes. (I am considering skipping Anthropology... again.)

*deep breath*

Okay. I'm going to say that this whine-fest is over. The day can only improve from here right? (Please say yes!)

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this...

Manic Monday by The Bangles
Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Derek Morgan

[I know it's been a long time since I've posted an FGW. My life took an unexpected turn and it's been all sorts of crazy around here. But I'm back and with the start up of my final semester, I have post ideas again. So here we go.]

The Fictional Guy of the Week is.... DEREK MORGAN!!!

The man can wield a phone...
Where He's From: CBS Criminal Minds

His Story:

We don't know much about Derek Morgan. Mostly because Criminal Minds is about a group of people and not really anyone in specific (except for maybe Hotch). What I do remember is that Morgan used to be a cop before he came to the BAU. His dad died when he was young. And he's smoking hot.

Also, he's an amazing cop and good at his job- which is catching bad guys.

Why He's FGW:

Derek Morgan is one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. I'll admit that right now. Add to the fact that he's great at his job and he's an amazing friend to his team members at the BAU. His relationships with Dr. Spencer Reed and Penelope Garcia are particularly endearing to me. He treats the socially awkward Reed much like a younger brother. I'd dare even claim that they are best friends of sorts.

And his relationship with Garcia is one that I find, as my hopeless romantic self, particularly interesting. Although, I'm pretty certain that nothing will ever happen between them. They are just friends who... well flirt I guess. I have spoken of there relationship before. If you want to, here's the link The Friend Zone

Looking back at this post, all I can do is laugh at myself. There isn't much substance to this post. All I wanted to do was drool over Derek Morgan. Mission accomplished.

And now for my favorite part... Picture Time!!!

All I can say is... arms. *drool*

Mmm! Again.
FBI never looked so good.
An example of a friendship and good working relationship... for the most part.
In my dreams...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Head is Full of Them

"Alice in Wonderland was my inspiration for celebrating half-birthdays. Also, it's January and we need something in our lives to get our minds off the grayness of Utah in winter."
These are the first two lines of my new story... the one that I came up with last night. The story that doesn't exist outside of my head... and these two lines.

I always have story ideas. I get them from my everyday life. Something so small, so inconsequential can spark a scene idea or a story idea. My head is full of them.

My dilemma is that I can never seem to take the idea and create a finished product. I can sometimes get a half finished product that I always tell myself I'll finish. And yet... no book. Nothing to really share. I'm still stuck in a head full of story ideas.  

Perhaps my problem is that I don't really have all the much life experience. I get stuck writing about stuff I've never in fact experienced for myself. But isn't that why it's called fiction?

Help. Please.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Stigma of an English Major

Typical conversation for a college student (more specifically me):

Random Person (RP): What are you studying?
Me: English with an emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing.

Response one:
RP: So you going to be a teacher?

Me: No. I'm going to be a technical writer.
 RP: *blank stare* So what do you want do with that?
Me: Uh, be a writer?
RP: Oh. That's nice.
Response two: (Which I like better)

RP: Oh. That's good. There's good money in that field. My son/cousin/daughter/friend/uncle/neighbor is a technical writer... blah blah blah.
Me: Yeah. I like it.

So this brings me to my point of this post. Why the heck do people AUTOMATICALLY assume that just because I'm an English major that I want to be or am going to be a teacher? Let me say this once and for all: I AM NOT GOING TO BE A TEACHER. Nor do I have the desire or the capabilities to be a teacher.


*deep breath* Okay. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cowboy Love Letter

A horse and a cowboy. Nuff said.
A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse.
It was the Box Elder County Fair and Rodeo last week. For the first time in a few years, I was able to attend the rodeo. I enjoy the rodeo. It's one of the few sports (yeah, I consider it a sport) that I could actually sit and watch and not lose interest after a short while.

As my sister-in-law will tell you, I love horses. As I told her numerous times last Wednesday, I love horses. There's something about them that just fascinates me. Even more than horses, I love cowboys.
Mmm, cowboys... So tough and masculine.

What is it about cowboys?

I'll tell you what it is. They're manly. They're tough. They don't use band-aids. They wear Wranglers and boots and hats. They're just the ultimate American man.

Something I noticed at the rodeo is how American it is. How patriotic it is. And cowboys are (for the most part) very patriotic.

There are two major types of cowboys: Rodeo cowboys and ranching cowboys (sometimes a cowboy is both). If I had to choose, I'd choose a ranching cowboy. To me, a ranching cowboy is more steady, reliable, and maybe just a little more hardworking (I know this isn't necessarily true but this is how I feel and this is my blog so there). Rodeo cowboys are a little more arrogant, reckless, and adventure seeking- not to mention the fact that they travel a lot to go to rodeos.
I love these silhouette kind of pictures. So romantic.

If I were really honest, I'd admit that I don't know anything really about cowboys. All I know is what I find attractive. After all, I am the Hopeless Romantic. I have romantic daydreams. (Uh, did I just say that out loud.) And the romaticism of cowboys draws me in.

Cowboys are the epitome of the American ideal. Hard-working, not afraid to get dirty, and willing to protect those they love. Okay, okay. I know that this is really, really stereotypical. So sue me. This is my love letter to my stereotype.

John Wayne in Hondo
So... I enjoyed the rodeo. I like to watch the cowboys and the horses and imagine life when cowboys were the norm. Sometimes... I wonder if I might have been born a few decades late... of course I know that's not true. Maybe it's more accurate to say that I wonder what it would be like to live back then. *sigh*

 Of course I can't forget to mention some of my favorite movie cowboys like John Wayne, Sam Elliot, and Tom Selleck.

Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under
 Not only do these men play tough cowboys but they're pretty dang tough themselves. I could imagine them in the actual Old West, righting wrongs, protecting their families and their land.
Sam Elliot in... something awesome!!

Hope you enjoyed my little love letter to a stereotype.

Until Next Time,

 The Hopeless Romantic

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sometimes, I look in the mirror and think, "Wow, I can actually be pretty."

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and think, "There's nothing pretty about me."

Perception. It colors everything.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Clothes Line

No, I don't mean the wrestling move (it is a wrestling move right?).

My parents have a clothes line in the backyard. I know, I know. It's totally 19th century right? Ha ha. Believe me it is.

During the summer, instead of using the dryer, my mom will drag the wet laundry up from the unfinished basement and outside. Once outside, she hangs them on the line to dry. It's a more time consuming process than just chucking them into the dryer. But it is, in fact, more beneficial than the dryer. The sun's rays actually kill more germs and bacteria than the dryer because of the... um... something sciency in the sunshine.

And you get that FANTASTIC fresh air smell. I love it in towels and sheets. It's so fresh and clean and fantastic. Mmm.

When I was a kid... meaning like 10 to 17... I was asked to do the laundry often. My mom had just started working outside the home and she needed help maintaining the laundry for seven people. Well to be quite frank, I DESPISED laundry. I hated it. I loathed it! I would have rather scrubbed the toilets with a toothbrush. Unfortunately, I was still in charge of the laundry. My brothers helped sometimes.

Doing the laundry for seven people is pretty intense. And when you add the extra time spent hanging clothes on the line it's a long, long process. As I said before, I despised this chore.

I was grateful when I finally moved out of the house and I only had to do my own laundry. That's not to suggest that I love or even like laundry now. I tolerate it. I understand that it's a necessary chore. Doing the laundry of one person compared to seven is a BIG difference. A difference I greatly appreciate.

I recently spent a night at my parents' house and my mom asked me (very kindly) if I would help with the laundry. She had to work during the day and then has to help at the local county rodeo in the "cook shack". I complied. I am a good daughter after all.

She started the laundry before going to work and I was to finish it. Doing the laundry for four people (my two older brothers are married now) is very different from doing laundry for five to seven people. I actually didn't mind it. I kept myself going; remembering to move it from the washer to the line to dry. (When I was younger, I would get distracted and forget that I was in the middle of doing laundry.)

That's not to say that I like laundry. Or that I would like to do laundry like this for four people all the time. For me, at this point in my life, I'd like to hang my sheets and towels on the line to dry. Everything else is okay to be thrown into the dryer.

My point is this: I've grown up. If you would have talked to my five years ago, I would have been resentful of the fact that I had to help with the laundry. Even though it was my responsibility to help out my parents. They were feeding me, clothing me, and putting a roof over my head after all.

Wow, that's a weird thought. I'm an adult. I don't feel like one. Will I ever feel like one?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Fictional Guy(s) of the Week: Kevin Ryan & Javier Esposito

[Yep, this week there are two FGWs. The reason is simply this, Ryan and Esposito are practically one character but at the same time they are two separate individuals. It's weird how it works. So I'm calling this the Dynamic Duo Fictional Guys of the Week. Who knows, it may happen again. Enjoy.]

Where They're From: ABC's Castle

Their stories:

Okay, so these guys are "minor" characters. They don't have a whole lot of story to them. And honestly, when we do learn something about them, it's said in passing. I'm not superhuman, I can't remember everything we've learned about these guys. So I'm just going to write what I remember or the impression I get from them. Sound good? Okay. Onward!

Detective Ryan: He's Irish-American with a deep love and respect for his heritage shown by his lapel pin. Also, I think he like sweater vests. He's good at his job and although he's the more mild of the partners, he still does good work.

Detective Esposito: He's Hispanic. He speak Spanish. I love guys who can speak foreign languages... um... not the point. He's been a cop for awhile and he's good at his job. He's a little more outspoken than his partner and more likely to let his emotions rule but it's effective.

Together these guys create a dynamic duo that assist Detective Kate Beckett and writer Richard Castle in solving cases. Woo Hoo!

Why They're FGWs:

These guys are the FGWs because I love them! They are definitely a big part of why I watch Castle. Well besides the Castle/Beckett relationship... But anyway. They rock!! They are like the perfect partnership. They work well together and they are very, very funny. They wisecrack and make jokes that bring a good portion of the humor to the Castle.

So once again, I love them and I felt they needed their week as Fictional Guy(s) of the week.

It's picture time!! Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic