Thursday, November 5, 2015

"From Here to Eternity"

Before I get started, I want to establish that this is a safe space. In the 150+ posts on this blog, it is readily apparent that I am in fact a hopeless romantic. That's why my name is the Hopeless Romantic. This is me reminding you as well as preparing you for a pile of ooey gooey sap.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a random Youtube playlist of country music from the 80s and 90s. Stuff I grew up listening to and watching music videos on CMT. Yeah, I was one of those weirdo kids that watched CMT... all the time much to the chagrin of my four brothers. Anyway, I was listening to this playlist when a song I had heard many years ago came on. I listened to it twice, wrote the artist and the song title on a sticky note, and then proceeded to throw the sticky note away. Of course!

The other day, I had the urge to listen to the song again. Except I couldn't remember what the name of the song was or who the artist was because I threw the sticky note away! I should tell you that the artist (and the song) didn't become very popular because I didn't remember ever knowing who this guy was, but I've fallen in love with this song. It speaks (or dare I say sings) to my hopeless romantic side. It's sweet and romantic and I just like the sound of it. I even found the original music video on Youtube... so for your viewing pleasure (from some indeterminate year of the 90s) I present "From Here to Eternity" by Michael Peterson:

I'm assuming that you have watched this incredibly corny music video and are wondering how low I can sink before I become a hopeless sap. You're too late. I'm already there. At least I'm not delusional... or so I tell myself. Can crazy people know they're crazy?

I just... I love this song. I love the message of it. I believe in a love that can last for now and for eternity. There is no "til death do us part" for me. It's for now and it's forever. Unfortunately, I have yet to find such a love. But I know of others who have found it. I'm not saying that their lives are fairy tales, nor do I expect mine to be. From my own limited knowledge, true love is that kind that last through all the ups and especially through all the downs. Life can really suck. And it can get really hard. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I can't wait for the day that I have someone who loves me enough to want to be with me for now and for eternity even through all the crap (and the good times too, of course) we have to experience before we get there (to eternity).

That's what I like about the message of this song. Also, I think it's sweet and romantic but I've already said that. I'm repeating myself now. I suppose that means it's time to sign off. Now that I've sent this out into the universe and now you know what I've been obsessing listening to, maybe now I can move on.

Remember, this is a safe space for all of us hopeless saps romantics out there.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A long boring story with no point to it

"If I wanted a long, boring story with no point to it, I have my life." -Jerry Seinfeld (from an unknown episode of Seinfeld). 

If you haven't noticed, I haven't blogged in a while. A really long while. When I started this blog again I thought I would be able to slip back into my old ways and patterns. When I was in college (when I started this blog), I had so much more going on in my life. I had school, a much more social job, church, family, friends. Actually, I have everything on this list except for school. It's different now, though.

Without the fodder of school, my life has become increasingly dull to write about. No seriously.

I go to work. I go to the gym. I come home and eat dinner. Then it's either a movie, episodes of my latest binge watch on Netflix (or Smallville), or a book. Soon bedtime comes and I realize that nothing of great importance has occurred in my day. Now, not every day follows this exact pattern. Yesterday, for example, I went to Target with my roommates. That was a change.

It's like my life is stuck on this unending repeat cycle of sameness. Not that I'm complaining, per se. There is nothing wrong with my life. Except, deep inside, I feel a hidden part of myself clawing to get out. To do something crazy. To do something different. To make a change in my life. In my habits. In my personality.

I believe people can change. Sure, there are parts about us that tend to stay the same throughout our lives but ultimately, if you want to change, you can. Hopefully for the better. The problem is desiring to change and sticking with it. I think, I became a more outgoing person when I was forced to be a more outgoing person but there was always that part inside me that longed for the comfort and safety of being an introvert. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being an introvert. We need both extroverts and introverts to keep the scales balanced in life.

A balanced life. How does one go about getting one of those? How does one go about living a life worth blogging about? Maybe it's like Seinfeld, which was a show essentially about nothing. There were no big drama moments. The characters didn't change. The scenery didn't change. They just lived their lives like "normal" people. Maybe instead of expecting to have a blog about these major moments, I should focus on having a blog about the mundane. Because, isn't it true that most people live lives of the mundane and the mediocre? I'm not alone in my feelings, am I?

I started this post based around that quote from Seinfeld because I felt it summed up my feelings about my life at the moment, except for I know there is a point or a purpose to my life. I've just yet to fully discover it.

And I guess that's okay. It's in the baby steps of life that lead us to our ultimate destination. Whatever that may be.

So, here we are. I've babbled my way through 8 paragraphs to ultimately say that I want to start blogging again. It's not about my writing being read so much as me writing. That's what has been missing from my life. I don't care if this post gets read because it's not about you, it's about me.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Monday, July 20, 2015

The "Will they/Won't they" Conundrum

Today, I will be combining two of my favorite things: television shows and love. Just in case you haven't noticed, I am a bit of a romantic. That being said, this topic is near and dear to my little hopeless romantic heart. I've dubbed it the "Will they/Won't they conundrum."

What is the WT/WT conundrum you ask?

The best examples of this conundrum come from television, although you can find it in movies and series and such. It starts with a character, they could be male or female, who has interactions with another character of the opposite gender. They could be friends, or co-workers, or whatever. At first, one might like the other or they might have a mutual attraction for each other that they keep at bay. But the fact of the matter is that we as the audience want them to get together, a term called "Shipping", even if they don't want to be together. (Or the writers don't want them to be together.)

Some times we wait years for characters to get together. Sometimes they never get together. Or the show ends on such an ambiguous note that we have no idea what has happened. (Of course, we can imagine what we want to happen... But I've NEVER done that before...).

Why do we put ourselves through such agony? Do we naturally just feed off of drama? What it is it about the angst and drama of two people who may or may not be in love that causes us to devote hours of our lives to their story? You know these are all supposed to be rhetorical questions right?

I've decided that I'm going to answer them for myself anyway. Because it's my blog and I can blog if I want to!

1. Why do we put ourselves through such agony?

I know for me, I love a good story. Even better, I love a good love story. It must have been the way I was raised or reading some many stupid books, but I like seeing two people I think are meant to be together... actually getting together. Even if it takes 7 agonizing seasons. At least, they finally have their "lobster" or their better half or their soul mate. Whatever you want to call it. I just want people to get their happy endings. I believe in happily ever afters. (Sure, life is going to always be sunshine and roses but we aren't meant to deal with trials alone).

2. Do we naturally just feed off of drama?

Heck yes!! Even when we don't want drama in our lives, we naturally like to watch it. How else have the movie, television, and theater businesses flourished so much? Why else do we like to watch movies like Jurassic World and The Notebook and The Help and Insidious (No, I don't watch Insidious or any other creepy scary movie that will 100% give me nightmares.) The whole point is that we watch other people's drama for entertainment, even if it is fictional.

3. What it is it about the angst and drama of two people who may or may not be in love that causes us to devote hours of our lives to their story?

This is actually just a variation on the first two questions, thus I've already essentially answered it. We like to watch other people's drama. We like stories. That's a part of human nature.  We like to see people struggle and learn and grow and be happy and sad and in love and in hate and so on and so forth.

Maybe you're reading this (if you got this far) and thinking that I'm a complete weirdo and no body thinks like this. And nobody cares what happens to fictional characters. Well you know what?! I care! If that makes me happy, then so be it! Also, I know it's fiction. I don't have any weird delusions like these people, these characters exist. They don't have to exist to have a happy ending.

On that note... I thought I'd share some of my favorite drama-inducing Will they/Won't they conundrum couples from my TV watching time. These are in no particular order.

Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS.

Ross and Rachel were my first "ship". I thought they were meant to be together. And it took 10 LONG YEARS for it to finally happen for good. At least I'm assuming for good because the series ended. They were on and off again. They got married and divorced (Vegas wedding). They had a child together. It was torture to watch them dance around the fact that they were each other's "Lobster" (Lobster apparently mate for life, according to Phoebe Buffay.) I'm glad that the writers finally brought them together at the end. They finally made it.

They finally got together after 10 seasons.

Booth and Brennan from BONES.

Booth and Brennan were my favorite WT/WT couples for the longest time. I loved their partnership before I loved the idea of the two of them together. I also love that their relationship isn't without it's problems. They don't have a sunshine and rainbows kind of relationship. But just like their working relationship, they both do their best to make what they have work... (I'm assuming because I'm a season behind...) I wanted them to be together but I was almost scared of them together. I think the writers did a pretty good job and keeping them true to their characters and yet making them work as a couple.

They got together after 6 seasons... FINALLY!

Castle and Beckett from CASTLE.

Castle and Beckett... mutual attraction from the beginning. Beckett was the one to fight it the longest. I was so happy when they finally got together. I liked their relationship because it had it's serious moments but it was full of light and flirty moments too. It's a fun relationship. And who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with Castle. He's awesome!

They got together after 4 seasons.

Jim and Pam from THE OFFICE.

Jim Halpert and Jam Beesely... Oh what agony as you watched Jim pine for an engaged girl. Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before we got them together. I loved their relationship because it seems so real. It's a relationship you could find out in the real world as well as on the TV screen.
They got together at the end of season 3.
Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls from VERONICA MARS.

Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls... They were friends and then they hated each other and then they were madly attracted to each other! Come on! Make up your minds people! They were on for a minute and then they were off for a season and then they were on and then they were off. The show was cut in its prime and we never got any resolution about their WT/WT relationship. ...Until the movie came out... HUZZAH! Finally some resolution. And a way hotter Logan Echolls! For two people with so many skeletons in their closet, they sure are meant to be together. Their story is EPIC!

They got together in season one, season two, season three... and finally in the movie. Hurray!

I just wanted a picture of his biceps... haha.

Danny and Riley from BABY DADDY.

Danny and Riley have been best friends/neighbors since they were kids. Riley has been in love with Danny's younger brother forever... and Danny has been in love with Riley the whole time. It kills me to watch them dance around the attraction and love they have for each other. I'm still anxiously waiting to find out if they end up together... Oh the agony... I love it and I hate it!

My inspiration for this post... and still waiting to find out what happens...
I couldn't resist a Danny shirtless one... haha. 

There are so many more WT/WT examples out there but these were some of my favorites. Some of them got their "happily ever after" early on in the game, some it wasn't until later, and some of them (like Danny and Riley) we're still waiting impatiently to find out how the writers can keep tormenting us!

I hope you've enjoyed exploring the Will they/Won't they conundrum with me. It's been fun to be reminded of all the couples that I love to watch. Just proof that I am indeed a hopeless romantic... and proud of it!

Until next time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Captain America : The First Avenger

I'm back!

When I wrote my last post over three years ago, I thought that I was done being the Hopeless Romantic. I served an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint and I came back ready to grow up and be more serious. I started a new blog, Smile Always Chuck, but over the last year and a half I've missed being the Hopeless Romantic. I miss being silly and slightly ridiculous. I've decided it's time to come back.

My last post was on Iron Man/Tony Stark and my thoughts on him. But I've seen the light. I've found someone so much better than Iron Man: Captain America.

This will be the first part of a three part study of Captain America from the Marvel movies. I'll be talking about Captain America/Steve Rogers as he appears in Captain America : The First Avenger, The Avengers, and Captain America : The Winter Soldier.

Let's start with Captain America : The First Avenger.

Before we have Captain America, we started with a young man from Brooklyn named Steve Rogers. Steve has a deep sense of patriotic duty. He doesn't want to sit by and watch other men go sacrifice everything for their country in WWII, while he is forced to "collect scrap metal in his little red wagon." Unfortunately, Steve Rogers is small in stature and riddled with health problems so he can't seem to get himself recruited in the army, despite his many efforts.

I think, because of his small stature, Steve feels like he needs compensate for what he feels he lacks. He's not afraid to take on bigger counterparts, especially if he feels they aren't showing the proper respected owed to the armed forces. I'm referring to the movie theater incident that ends with Steve on his butt after being punched by a much bigger man and Bucky saves the day. He doesn't "like bullies" as he tells Dr. Erskine. Which seems to suggest that Steve Rogers has seen his fair share of bullies in his life. He doesn't take on the "bullies" to prove that he's as big and strong as other mean, but that he can and is willing to do it.

When he finally gets his very improved body, Steve doesn't gloat about it. He uses his improved physical abilities to help others, uses it for good. He doesn't use it get girls or to finally prove to all those bullies that he's better than them. He tries to protect those around him. Even when he was a little guy, Steve is always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good/mankind. Examples such as never giving up trying to get recruited in the army and throwing himself over the grenade in bootcamp. Going after the 107th alone. And taking the plane down into the ice so that no one would be hurt by the bombs on board. This is what makes him Captain America.

Steve has spent his life as the little guy that no one really notices. His best pal, Bucky, is the only one left at this point of the story who cares about him. Bucky has always been the one to look out for Steve but he's just been given his orders to join the 107th. As a last hurrah, they go on a double date to the exciting Future Expo (or whatever it is called) in New York City. Steve's date isn't even interested in him. He evens offers to share his popcorn (or peanuts?) with her and the horrible girl only rolls her eyes. What a terrible date! But I think that's the normal reaction of women towards the small Steve Rogers. Especially in the midst of all the handsome and honorable young men in uniform heading off to fight for their country. Women love men in uniform.

With that said, its safe to assume that Steve has no experience with women. He says as much to Peggy in the car the morning of his procedure. Women just never expressed an interest in him and I think once the war broke out, he was more interested in serving his country than landing a girlfriend. Agent Peggy Carter sees that. He's not a womanizer nor is he interested in becoming one. Even when he has the physical appearance to get any girl he wants. I think it surprises him to find women actually paying attention to him for the first time in his life. When the secretary in the SSR office kisses him, not only is he surprised but semi-willing because he's never had that kind of attention before. I'd bet that Steve's never been kissed before. No wonder he was getting into it when Peggy caught him.

So after all of this, what turned Steve Rogers into Captain America? Was it his physical transformation from sickly boy to tall and muscly awesomeness? Was it the fact that he finally had the ability to do what he'd always wanted to do and serve his country?

It boils down to what Dr. Erskine told Steve before his procedure. Heart. Steve Rogers had the heart necessary to be Captain America. To be the symbol that roused the American people's hearts and spirits in regards to the war and to lead the the men of the armed forces into battle against the greatest odds. He inspires goodness and truth and protecting the things that are important to you. A message we can still use today.

Captain America is a symbol of freedom and goodness. And thus, he is the first Avenger.

And because I just couldn't resist... the after picture.... haha. Guess some things never change...

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic