Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Schizo Lady

The other day at work I had  a rather.. disconcerting experience. I've worked at Maceys for just over two years and in that time I've had plenty of odd... guests come through. But this lady was probably one of the weirdest and most disturbing I've ever had come through my line.
First off... she rejected the offer of a bagger, more specifically a MALE bagger. I wasn't terribly worried. At first. She asked where canned chicken was. I told her, expecting her to run and grab it or at the least demand that a bagger go grab it for her. But she didn't. Then the weird stuff started to happen. She would randomly hand me and item to scan. And sometimes she wouldn't release it. I could tell that something mental was wrong but what was I supposed to do? I kept scanning.
She asked me for water.
"Bottled water?" I asked her, completely caught off guard. What was I supposed to be? Her waitress? I tried not to look annoyed.
"Will you get me some water?" She asked again as she handed me an item for me to scan.
I was unsure what to do. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're trying to-"
"Scan that!" She demanded pushing some sour cream into my hand.
"Do you have a girl bagger?" She asked me. I looked around to find that the one remaing female bagger had just gotten off. What luck.
"There aren't. I'll just bag for you." I quickly bagged some items before she could interupt with some kind of weird request.
Just as I was bagging, one of my supervisor came up to help bag. The lady insisted that he try to help me. He asked what I needed help with. I just shook my head and said I didn't need help. The lady was adamant that I needed help. He went to the end of the checkstand to start bagging. She freaked out! I ended up bagging the entire order for her as she insisted on the strangest things being bag together. And then, just when I thought it was over, she wanted her canned chicken. I tried to send my supervisor to go get it but the lady freaked out! She insisted, again, that I be the one to grab her Swanson brand canned chicken. I was starting to get freaked out. But I complied. While I got the chicken, my supervisor came down the aisle to... assist me, much to the ignorance of the psycho lady.
As I finished her order, a male guest went through the line behind me and she started to babble about how he was a boy. I was seriously freaked out. I just tried to make it through. She was CRAZY!
After she left I was reeling from the freaky experience. How does one deal with the mentally disturbed? I found out shortly thereafter that she'd been in several times before and acted similarly. It was freaky.
So, that's my exciting story about the psycho Schizo lady who came through my line a few days ago.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the season... to be perpetually annoyed.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a rather cynical people hater. Although I don't always hate people, I do get annoyed pretty easily. So... bring on the holidays. For someone like me... well the holidays are pretty much the worst times of the year. It's not because I'm a scrooge or that I hate holidays. The biggest reason, I have to admit, is that people drive me NUTS!
I worked today and it was INSANE! I swear everyone and their dog was in the store today. And they all had huge orders. I don't want to judge, being a procrastinator myself, but seriously people! We spend over a month and a half getting ready and spending so much time and effort for ONE DAY! I wish we could just simplify things. Christmas had gotten so commercialized and so crazy. All you have time for is to be stressed and then it's over in a matter of hours so all the time spent being stressed was for naught.
I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, my main purpose for this entry is to just vent about how people can drive a semi-sane person to go completely mental.
No, I don't know the price of strawberries. No, I don't know why they raised the prices of the oranges from yesterday. Or why you didn't get them the six times you were in here between tuesday and thursday. And no, I'm not happy to be spending a good portion of my time catering to you and your schizophrenia at work instead of being at home with my family. (Sigh)It's the cynic in me.
Happy holidays... whatever you celebrate... just to be PC. Ah, crap. What kind of Fulgham cares about being PC? Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Two things learned in 2009

So, it's not quite the end of the year yet, but I cannot help but start reminenscing early. This has been quite the year. Actually... I don't really remember much about it. I have learned two things for sure from 2009.
1) Don't crush on co-workers. No matter how nice their hair is or how amazing their arms are or how pretty their eyes are. It is usually just... awkward. Especially when you're me. And when the crush is over it's funny because then you wonder what you were thinking- even as you're checking him out still. Bad news. So... stay away from crushes on coworkers. 
D) Don't put twinkies on your pizza. It's just doesn't taste good.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my all time favorite shows is "Bones". Starring David Boreanaz (A hottie with a naughty body if there ever was one) and Emily Deschanel, along with an awesome supporting cast (in my opinion anyway).
I was first introduced to "Bones" by my old roommate a couple of years ago. And I loved it almost immediately. There was a combination of action, fact, and romance that just drew me in. I loved David Boreanaz back when he played Angel. If you don't know what "Angel" is, well, let's just say it's the show that made vampires hot. Angel was around long before the Cullens came into and made vampires into pale, glittering, gay looking creatures. Angel was dark, handsome, and brooding. A vampire with a soul. I was obsessed in middle school. Of course, the show went to pot eventually. But in the beginning it was... (sigh)... the best!
Okay, back to the topic at hand. Bones. The show is based upon author, Kathy Reich's books about a Forensic Anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, who ends up helping police solve murders in Canada and the east coast. I have read a couple of the books, and no offense to the author, but they're rather boring. They are written from the view of a scientist, thus they lean more towards all things scientifical.
 I started writing this post a couple of days ago and I just lost motivation to continue, so here I am finishing it.
I think the main thing I wanted to focus on when talking about "Bones" is that intense relationship between the two main characters, Booth and Brennan. Although nothing terribly romantic has happened (yet) the relationship between the partners is one that is fraught with sexual tension. It's like the audience, or maybe just me, is totally aware of how attracted and how perfect the couple would be together, in a romantic sense. But the characters are totally oblivious to this... well until this season that is....
 There is this moment of hesitancy for me, concerning the show. Being the intense romantic that I am I desperately want the pair to end up together, now if possible. But the realist in me knows that if this is to happen... well the show will be over shortly after. No one wants to watch a show where the characters are all content and at peace in their lives. It just isn't interesting, unfortunately. So... this brings me to my internal debate: Should Booth and Brennan end up together in the romantic sense or do I want the show to last a couple more season? Hmm... that's a hard one.
  Either way I will watch the show until it ends and I will enjoy every second of it. And not just because Seeley Booth is hot. It's a good show and I like the idea of solving crime! (Or so I tell myself)
And just so you know: Booth looks really good in a three-piece suit.
That is all.