Friday, November 25, 2011

Two weeks and seven seasons later...

Recently I wrote about how I'd marry John Krasinski/ Jim Halpert. Well after I wrote that post I had the urge to watch The Office. So I started on season one and worked my way to through season seven and into the latest episodes in season eight. It was a good time. I had some good laughs and I mooned over Jim just a little too much. But it was nice to get caught back up. I got distracted by other things somewhere around season five or six.

And because I just watched all the seasons, they are fresh in my mind and I've come away with a few of my own observations/opinions.
  • Jim is pretty much awesome.
  • The chemistry between Jim and Dwight is much more interesting than between Dwight and Michael.
  • Even after they're married, Jim and Pam are fun to watch.
  • Later seasons aren't as funny as earlier seasons.
  • Michael is more interesting, more rounded, and more mature in later seasons. He's not as annoying.
  • Even after they're married, Jim and Pam are interesting to watch.
  • Andy is better as Regional Manager. Or maybe he's just more fun to watch.
  • Dwight considers Pam a friend even though she married his "mortal enemy", Jim.
I know this is only a handful but I wasn't planning on this post when I watched the series or else I would have taken notes.

It was a good time, I'll admit. Even though the series is kind of on the downhill slide, I still enjoy it. Life is like that, always changing. And TV shows, unfortunately, always have their day in the sun before the world moves on and gets a new show. But for now, I'll keep enjoying The Office while it's on. :)

My all time favorite quote from the series... also the one I remembered the most. :)

"I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we'd need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marring her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." -Jim Halpert (Love it!!)

So there you go. A random post about The Office and my disconnected thoughts. And just because I can't help myself...

I know. I'm hopeless...

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Girl's Kryptonite

I like boys/guys/men. If you read my blog regularly (or if you know me personally) you should know this already. And you should know that I'm a huge fan of Bones. (Don't worry, this isn't so much a Bones-centric post as a mention.)

Well, I was watching the Bones season seven premier a few weeks ago with my friend, Michelle, and there was this scene where the hunky Dr. Hodgins is shown in a home video with his new baby. And he's sitting on the floor in jeans and a tee-shirt playing with his son. Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

I commented to Michelle how hot guys with kids are kind of a girl's kryptonite. Of course, married guys with kids... well, we're not really allowed to be attracted to married guys. Not really anyway. *shifty eyes*

But because this is fiction and it's Hodgins, we're allowed to drool a little by the sight of this burly man playing with his five to eight (not entirely sure the timeline of the show) month old child. And his biceps flexing and his shirt-sleeves...

[Remember how I sort of have a thing for beautiful arms?]

Maybe it's the potential mothers within us (girls) that draws us to men that are good (not in a pervy kind of way) with kids. We want to know that our husbands, our children's fathers are going to be good with their kids. That they're going to interact with them.

Maybe I'm being my own delusional self but I just felt like putting this out there. That girls can be affected by hot guys with kids/babies. Or maybe girls can be affected by Hodgins [T.J. Thyne] and his son.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to babble about.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. I wish I had a picture to show you but I don't. Sorry. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cute-in-a-normal-guy-kind-of-way: why I'd marry John Krasinski

Last night I was watching "Something Borrowed" with Ginnifer Goodwyn and Kate Hudson. First off, the movie felt much like "Bride Wars". It wasn't a horrible movie but it wasn't that fantastic either. I was entertained and I really shipped Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwyn) and her best guy friend Ethan (John Krasinski). But as many movies go, Rachel did end up with the smoking hot guy instead of the lovable, cute-in-a-normal-guy-kind-of-way, real guy. Which I guess is how it is meant to be in the movies. But I decided upon watching this movie, and it's possible that I was tired and out of my mind, that I would marry John Krasinski.

Now, now. Don't worry. I'm not going to hop on a plane and fly out to California and start stalking him. This is all metaphorical... I guess... And perhaps it's more accurate to say that I would fly to Scranton, PA and marry Jim Halpert. (We'll just conveniently pretend that he's not already married to Pam.) I say this because, come on, I don't really know anything about John Krasinski and it's unlikely that I ever will. But Jim, well I know all about him.... does that sound super stalker-y? Oh well.

I really do have a point to this post. (Maybe). And it is this... hot guys are nice to look at but if you're an average girl like me, you're probably not ever going to catch the eye of the super hot (perhaps a little fictional) guy who works with you/is in your class/goes to the same store/same gym as you. Unfortunately, hot people tend to go for other hot people. You generally tend to go for people on the same level of attractiveness as you. (Now, this isn't always true and this could be totally slightly stereotypical.)

Do I think John Krasinski/Jim Halpert is on my level of attractiveness? Ha ha ha. Totally NOT! He's so much more attractive but at least he feels attainable to a girl like me. [Side note: This is not a bash on myself post. I do not think I'm ugly or unattractive. I'm just a cute-in-a-normal-girl-kind-of-way.]

So why would I marry him? Because I know that the Seeley Booth of my dreams is never going to actually show up. Okay... saying that makes me feel like... I'm a snob face. I'm not saying that the man I will someday end up spending time and all eternity with is going to be some hideous ogre with a heart of gold. I'm sure that to me, he will be hot. To me, I'll love him even if he's not as hot as Seeley Booth/David Boreanaz. To me, I'm sure that I'll find him attractive and I'll want to kiss his face off. Ha ha.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if given the choice of the smoking hot but fictional guy compared to a real live, flesh and blood, cute-in-a-normal-guy-like-John-Krasinski-kind-of-way I'd pick the real cute guy. So I'd drool over Seeley Booth and I'd marry Jim Halpert and/or John Krasinski.

I think I've officially gone nuts... but that's okay. I know I'm not alone.

So... who would you pick? The hot and possibly fictional guy that you probably wouldn't feel like you deserved or the real cute guy who makes you feel good about yourself because they are... well, real?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. Just because I'm awesome, I thought I'd include a picture of John Krasinski and Jim Halpert. :) You can thank me with caramels.

Based on the pictures, personally I'd pick John.... I mean, his biceps are showing and I have a weakness! Don't judge me!

Although, his sleeves are rolled up in this one. And he's making paper airplanes...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So you know how life is...

I wrote sometime last week (I think it was last week) about finding a third roommate for this apartment that was supposedly a "good" deal. Ha! Well, they weren't super upfront about what the actual cost would be. Let's just say, I can't afford it.

Yeah. That's right. Less than a week before moving day, I'm backing out. I feel like a horrible person. I feel unreliable and like a loser. But I feel relieved. I've been stressing about this apartment and about my finances for a few weeks but I seriously thought that it would work out.

But these added expenses weren't planned on. And I can't do it. So I'm doing the one thing I vowed never to do. I'm moving home. And the idea doesn't repulse me. I feel relief actually. Financially, it'll be a relief. I'll have to commute a half an hour each morning and afternoon but strangely enough, the idea isn't a bad one.

It's quite interesting actually. I'm ending my senior year the way I started my freshman year: Living at home and driving to school 3 days a week. One major difference is that I'll be driving over the other three days to work.

This is only temporary though. I think this will give me time to save some money, avoid roommate drama, and maybe get closer to my youngest brother.

*Deep breath* Now, the hard part is taking care of all the things I started this week when I still thought I'd be moving to this apartment. And I feel so bad for the roommate I did have lined up. Now she's hanging out in the wind and it's my fault. But life goes on and she'll find her place. But I'm still sorry!

That's how life is though. Unexpected. And it doesn't turn out how you plan it. This is definitely not how I planned it at all.

*Another deep breath* Guess I'm still moving. Just not to where I planned.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic