Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few of my Top Favorites: Actors

I felt like making a list. I like lists but I normally don't make them. And because I'm a complete dork and a little boy crazy today, I'm making a list of my favorite actors. Just a note- some of these actors I like are based solely on appearance.... because I'm that shallow. (And I'm allowed to be that shallow concerning actors- or so I tell myself.)

Here we go- in no particular order.

1. Ashton Kutcher. I used to not care for him because he was weird and on "That's 70s Show" he's a complete doofus. But the last few movies I've seen with him in are... let's just say turning my head. Ha ha. In fact, in his latest movie "Killers" he's downright HOT.

2. Shemar Moore. Okay so I know he's black. But he is one of the most BEAUTIFUL men I have ever laid eyes on. He just... makes me sigh. I love watching him on Criminal Minds. He's so... appealing. Anyway, I'll stop drooling and simply sat that I just love to watch him. Oh and I like the show too.

3. Mark Harmon. I absolutely love him in NCIS. He's just amazing. His character's no-nonsense attitude and quirky temperament just makes the show worth watching.

4. Robert Downey Jr. I really enjoyed his work in Iron Man 1 and 2 as well as in Sherlock Holmes. He's really hot as both the arrogant Tony Stark and as the disheveled genius- Sherlock Holmes. I have to admit that I think these are the only three movies I've seen him in... but I like him anyway.

5. David Boreanaz.Oh, what can I say about him? There are no words... well actually there are many words. I could just go on and on about how I love him as Special Agent Seeley Booth on my favorite show: Bones. I'll just say that I love him and leave it at that.

6.Tom Selleck. He may be old but the dude is still Rockin'! In "Killers" he is a hoot. As Jesse Stone he's great. As any other character he's ever played he's just AWESOME. I love Tom Selleck and I always will.

7. Sam Elliot. I like him a lot. There's something about him that just makes you think of old times and horses and westerns... maybe it's the fact that he's played in like a million Westerns. He's rugged, that's what he is. Oh and I love his voice; it's intensely masculine... oh baby.

8. John Wayne. After my awesome John Wayne Movie Marathon a few months ago, I have come to truly appreciate his awesomeness. He was extremely patriotic and he made some sweet movies. He had this ruggedness about him that just seemed to fit- especially in the Westerns. He is wicked awesome.

I'm sure there are a few that I am forgetting but I think this will do. I know that I'm a complete dork and that most of these actors aren't necessarily the best out there but they're the ones I like. For now. I figure a single girl like me is allowed to enjoy the eye-candy that is found in Hollywood.

So there you have it. Eight of my top favorite actors. I think maybe I'll try to continually list my other favorites. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Barby-Qs, Peas-in-a-can pie, and Ten gallon hats.

I haven't blogged in a while. My excuse being that I was out of the country, washing my hair. Actually I was out of state in an area where half the people don't even have wireless internet- which is a travesty. I had only two opportunities to check my email and then the super slow connect just frustrated me.
Now I'm back in good ol' Cache Valley finally getting my blog updated. I have several ideas for future posts I just need to find the time. Ever since I got back to Utah my life has been consumed with my dreaded arch-nemesis MATH. But the good news is that I will have a great rest of the week to... not do Math. Woo hoo.

Well now that I've updated my blog maybe I'll start working on those other things I feel like writing about.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh Guy.

I like boys. I have a tendency to fall for fictional guys but... we won't go there. If you know me, you know all about that. I also have a tendency to fall for guys at work. Not in a serious way... just crushes. So I was thinking I'd write about them. Of course, to protect their integrity and my dignity these guys will have code names.

1. I was just starting my first semester at USU and I had recently gotten a job at Maceys. I was bagging and taking items back and getting them. That's where I met THE FIRST ONE. He was older and had pretty eyes. He made my heart pound and my face flush whenever I saw him. It lasted a little while and then one day I just didn't get nervous and flustered around him.

2. Then there's THE NAZI. So he's really not a nazi but me and Makae needed some names and that's what we came up with because as a supervisor he was sort of strict. But I liked him. He too had pretty eyes and really good arms. We went out once too. That ended it. I no longer liked him... like that.

3. I should mention that while I had a crush on THE NAZI was beginning to come to like someone else. We'll call him: DUMBHEAD. Mmm... DUMBHEAD. I didn't start out liking him but... it just happened. I liked him for far too long, unfortunately. And he had the most amazing eyes. But then... I found out that he liked someone else that we worked with. That didn't stop the crush but it certainly helped me to get a reality check.

The following guys aren't guys that I had huge crushes on... more like crush-lets. Or I just thought they were attractive.

4. Unfortunately, he doesn't work at Maceys anymore. Mr. PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERYWAY. He was hot. Oh man... He was beautiful and he knew it. And so did all the other girls. He had great hair and fantastic arms and he was just... good looking. He was so super nice. That's about all I have to say about him. We didn't talk a whole lot at work, I mostly just slobbered over him. Ha ha.

5. As the semester was ending I came to feel a little bit of a racing hear whenever CLARK KENT was around. I found out that he was going to be around all summer and it made me excited. And then I started to question if I was really liking him or liking the idea of him. I'm still not a hundred percent sure but he's still way cute. Brown eyes and glasses... so cute. And nice.

6. My most recent "Crush-let" is MR. YOUR DIMPLES CAUSE MY STOMACH TO FLIP-FLOP. Oh man. He's so cute and he has these super cute dimples. One day he passed me when I was on Self-checkout and flashed me this have smile. My stomach just did a flip flop and I was a goner. I don't really know what is going to happen with him... but I'm going to enjoy myself checking him out as he stocks the shelves. He has wonderful biceps.

There are, in fact, a few more guys I could mention but they aren't really the big and I'm kind of tired. So I'm going to just let it rest with these six. I think I need to find other places to meet guys though. These guys don't seem to go anywhere. Hmm... any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warning: Bitter Tirade about people stupidity.

I need a vacation. From work mostly. You get to a point where you can't stand being at work and you are slowly going insane. I've reached that point. So, in an effort to hopefully get all my work frustrations off my chest, I'm going to take this post and use it as an outlet.

If you don't want to read some super negative things I'd recommend not reading further. The following is a list of things that I feel people should be aware of:

1. Don't ask stupid questions. Don't come up to me at the grocery store and ask where the freezer section is. Don't ask where to find tomatoes- that should be a no-brainer: In the PRODUCE section (unless you're looking for canned tomatoes, that's a different story).

2. I'm not your slave. The people of the service industry are there to help, yes. Not to do your every bidding. Don't think you can come up to me and order me around like you own me. That just ticks me off.

3. Join the 21st century. Stop using CHECKS. This is especially vital in the grocery store, where I work, because checks are time consuming. Just get a stinkin' debit card. It's the same thing!!! And it's so much faster and easier on both parties.

4. Don't come up to me at Self checkout and expect me to do everything for you. It's called Self Checkout for a reason. If you want someone to check out your items for you go to a checkstand where they actually do that. I don't mind helping you when you need it but I'm not going to do it for you.

5. Express is called Express for a reason. It's fast. Don't come up with a cart full of items and ask if you have too much. If you have to ask then you have to much, usually.

6. When the closed sign in up and the light is off, that means the checkstand is CLOSED! No you can't come through and start putting your stuff on the belt and expect someone to automatically jump in and help you. Also, when the light is on and there are people in the line and there is no closed sign up, that's usually a sign that the checkstand is open. You don't have to ask if it's open-that's just annoying.

Okay so I've gone on my bitter tirade for long enough now. I feel a little better just getting it all out. Of course there are many more things I could whine and complain about but this is sufficient. These are just some of the things I run into as a cashier at a grocery store. I'm sure in every field of service there are similar issues.
The good news is that I am actually going on vacation soon. It'll be a nice break from work and life. Let's hope that I enjoy it as much as I hope I will.