Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"There are two things I remember about my childhood... I just don't remember it being this orange."

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a movie quoter. Take last night for example. My roommates can testify to the fact that I was quoting Little Rascals all night as I colored in my Sesame Street Halloween coloring book. It's something that my family, meaning Mom and Logan, have fun doing. We try to see if we know the obscure quotes from random movies. It's tons of fun for me. Mostly because I am quite the movie aficionado. I love movies. I got that from Dad.

My favorite movie to quote from: While You Were Sleeping. Perhaps it's because I have seen it many, many, many times. And I can quote the entire thing whilst viewing it. If you want me to be quied during While You Were Sleeping, don't watch it with me.

There are many movies that I enjoy quoting. Return to Me, Hitch, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Little Rascals, so on and so forth. They aren't even the most used quotes either. It's the random ones that are the most fun to quote. Especially when people have no idea what you're talking about. Of course, this can lead to them thinking you're weird. Which can both positively and negatively affect their perception of you.

So, in conclusion, I like quoting movies. "I had to eat six boxes of cracker jacks to find it."

"Kevin's not here." (That's for you Kevin, I'll have to try and work you into one of my posts more effectively another time.)


"Next time you talk to yourself, tell yourself you're single and end the conversation."

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am eloping. When the time comes that is. I don't want to deal with the stress and expense of trying to plan and execute the reception. It's too much work for something that is so exhausting for the bride, groom, and their families.

Last night, I got to sit by the guest book. Do you know how many people don't thoroughly read the announcements to get the correct names of the newly weds? There were several envelopes with my brother's middle name used as his last name. And they spelled the bride's name wrong as well. One thing I have to say, make sure you read the announcement before writing the name on the envelope.

Pretty much, I am a romantic about everything... but weddings. As my cousin Andy told me, I'm like Bella.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Childhood Crushes

I can't help but think back on the days of my childhood. Ah, the memories. The toys I played with, the friends I made, the food I ate... the boys I crushed on? The boys I crushed on... I can remember my first big crush.
Alex Korth. He was a blonde, beautiful blue eyes, and he was a complete hunk. At least to my 5 year old heart. But, something that my little girl eyes never noticed... Alex was cross eyed! I never even realized that I had been in love with a cross eyed boy for two years, from kindergarten to the second grade.
We wrote hate notes to each other. Of coure... I didn't hate him. I was, in fact, desperately in like with him. Of course, as with all crushes, you're never in love with the real person. You are more attracted to what you think the real person is. They usually are never like you have imagined them to be. Dang it! It's the curse of having an imagination, I swear.
Alex ended up moving before the third grade, and my fickle heart moved on. And I have had many, many crushes since then. But I don't think I'll ever forget my first real cross-eyed crush. Hmm... I wonder what ever happened to him. I'm pretty sure he didn't like me back. They almost never do.
What is up with that anyway? You like someone and they just are too dumb to like you back. Uh... I probably shouldn't open that can of worms at this time. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor, pitiful me...

I swear, this has been the worst week I've had in a long time. I barely made it out alive on Monday and I swear I practically fell asleep at work. And then I totally spaced submitting a final paper for a group project. Whoops! Thank goodness the professor was so understanding when I begged her to accept the late paper on behalf of my group. She is now my favorite.
I dropped my phone into the toilet... before I flushed... that was gross. Even worse, the phone doesn't really work now. I'm phoneless for a couple of days. And it was a cool one too! Dang it! But I have to admit that it's been kind of nice not having to worry about text conversations and checking the time. And missing those calls from work asking if I can come in at the last moment. Yeah, that is nice.
And now... I'm in the middle of a paper that I should have written a long time ago that's due tomorrow. Why am I such a procrastinator?! Gaa! It's about halfway done, but I couldn't concentrate anymore. Guess that means I'm going to be pulling a late night after work to finish it. Anyone want to finish my paper on Yeats and Wordsworth?
.... Didn't think so?
Do the professor get together and determine what the best way to drive us students insane? Let's give them all tests and papers due at the same time, while they're trying to work and have some semblence of a life at the same time. It's a CONSPIRACY, I tell you!
(Sigh) Well enough of my whining. I do feel better writing it down though. Funny how that works.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I miss that feeling that I get when I have a crush on a cute guy. You know that feeling I'm talking about. That tingly, nervous feeling. When you can't decide if you're more excited to see him or more nervous. I have an intense love/hate relationship with that feeling. I love the tingles and excitement but I despise the nervousness that comes with it.

I'm shy enough as it is. I don't need more stuff making it hard for me to form complete and understandable sentences. It's a curse, I swear. How I can't hardly talk when I see an attractive guy... or how I say the DUMBEST stuff and he's just staring at me like I'm a complete weirdo. Ugg! I have no problem talking to guys I don't feel particularly attracted too... actually I do. At first anyway.

But the tingles and random smiles that come with crushing... man I love it! And you have to try and hide your random smiling or else people will think you're crazy... So great! Why can't that feeling be more prevalent than the nervousness? I'd be okay with that.

Because, I'm trying to get over a... fizzled out... crush, I am resorted to running to my books. My good ol' sappy books where the men can be trusted to deliver that tingly feeling and I don't even have to deal with the nervousness! I love that about reading. I can be there, without being there. It's a pretty decent substitution to a real life crush. Not the same but close enough for now.

Now... I just need to find someone who can give me those tingles again... Preferably an actual guy as opposed to my plethora of fiction men...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fiction, better than real life. For now.

I have a secret. Well, to my family it's not. And to my truly close friends it's not either. So, it's not a secret so much as it is an obsession. I have a weakness for reading. Particularly books of a... well... a romantical nature. I have a favorite author and her books... just make me tingle.
Of course, reading these "romance" novels have totally turned my brain to mush. But I love it! There is something about reading about handsome men who aren't afraid to spark and flirt with a girl that makes me giddy. And yes, I did just say "spark". My faith in real life men has been severely shattered by these seriously unrealistic but what the heck!
Fiction, at this point, is better than real life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Butter Sliding Down Hot Toast

You know that line in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" when the main character, Rebecca, is talking about when you see a cute guy and your heart feels like "Butter sliding down hot toast"? She was actually referring to stores because of her shopaholic-ism. But I enjoy the line so much, I'm going to use it to refer to guys. Because I like guys.
I am a people watcher, meaning I watch guys too. Oh boy do I watch guys. In the last four or five months, I have gotten so bad at just checking guys out, I feel rather shameful sometimes. And you know what I check out... their ARMS!
Arms... what can I say about arms? I thoroughly enjoy looking at a good pair of arms. And not even just biceps, but forearms. I'm a total sucker for forearms. They don't need to big or even totally muscular. It's the definition that gets me... oh... even, oddly enough, the veins... wow... I think I'm going to make a fool of myself. And when the guy is wearing a nice dress shirt with the shirt sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows... Be still my heart.
To tie it all together, I just wanted to point out that a pair of good arms makes my heart feel like butter sliding down hot toast. Especially when they're connected to an attractive guy, with pretty eyes and a good sense of humor. It's not all about the physical aspect, but it doesn't hurt, you know.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello blogging world

After much consideration I have decided to join the world of blogging. I found Facebook was just not enough for me. I want to say more than my "status" can contain. So here I am, on a rare free Tuesday, starting a blog. I don't know what exactly I want to say or write. This first entry I think I'll just write whatever I feel like.
In three weeks, I'll gain a new sister-in-law, who not only shares my last name, but my first as well. That will be quite an adjustment. It is one I'm willing to make. She is great and my brother is completely besotted. I have been blessed already with an awesome sister-in-law and I can't wait to add another to my... collection.
For years, after learning about my lack of sisters and my abundance of brothers, people have sympathized "with" me because I never had the joy of sisterhood. Well, I laugh at them now. Here is my chance to get a sister that I didn't have to grow up with. Sure my knowledge of how girls are is stilted and my understanding of boy-girl relationships is rather... unsteady, but I have an advantage. A chance to create those sisterly bonds without the drama, issues, and any other crap that comes with sisters. I find it rather ideal.
So, I've run out of things I want to say now. But I feel this is a good start. Hopefully, as I go on with this, I will be able to write things that are, perhaps more interesting for others to read. Although I don't really care if you read this. It's mostly a release for me. So... if you keep reading... good for you, but I won't take it personally if you stop. After all, keeping a blog is a rather narcissistic thing to do. And if you don't know what "narcissistic" means... LOOK IT UP!