Friday, June 3, 2011

Confessions of a Hopeless Shipper

I have come to the conclusion that I am hopeless. Pretty funny right? I mean the girl who write the Hopeless Romantic blog admits to being hopeless? Ha ha. Well it's really true!! Just in case you don't know what a shipper is let me give you a definition:
"A shipper?"
"Yeah, it's a person who invests in the relationships of a show." Castle, One Life to Live (3x18)

So I'm a "shipper". It's all part of my Hopeless Romantic ways. The problem isn't being a "shipper". The problem is who I "ship". Not only do I "ship" those who I'm pretty certain will get together but I "ship" the ones that WILL NEVER GET TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK (or it's just not in the cards for them).

Perhaps I should give a little backstory to help explain why I came to this conclusion.

I've been watching this old nineties show, Wings, on Netflix. A basic overview is this: Joe Hackett runs an airline and his friend for twenty years, Helen, works at the lunch counter. Joe's brother, Brian, shows up and starts helping Joe run the airline. Several seasons into the show, Helen's sister, Casey, a recently divorced housewife, moves in with her. There are other people involved (Roy, Fay, Lowell, Antonio) but for the point of this post they're really not vital.

In the beginning I "shipped" Joe and Helen the "main" couple/characters. It was only natural. The progression of the show was headed that way. They were going to end up together eventually (even though they got together in the second season and then broke up for four seasons). They were the couple/people we (I) were focused on. That's just the way it was...

I was watching the sixth season of Wings last night when I realized that I was sort of... maybe kind of... shipping Brian and Casey. I knew that iit wouldn't happen. I knew they would never work. I was being realistic. But despite it all... I was "shipping" them and I was "shipping" them BAD! Well as is the way of things... Brian and Casey did have a fling. But then it was never mentioned again. I felt gipped. I felt saddened. I felt like they missed their moment. Being the awesome person that I am, I skipped to the series finale in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they got together at the very end of the show.
The result as a mixture of disappointment and hope. My disappointment stemmed from the lack of a Brian/Casey love relationship. My hope came from the fact that a friendship was established and that the show ended with them in a similar situation that was found at the beginning of the show. Instead of Joe running an airline and being friends with Helen; it was Brian running the airline and Casey was his friend. I left with the hope that maybe the same thing that happened to Joe and Helen would happen to Brian and Casey....

I know what you're thinking. "She's crazy!" "She's nuts!" "She needs to get a life!" Belive me, I already know these things. :)

This is what brought me to my conclusion. I "ship" the wrong people. Well, I "ship" the right people too. I just have the added bonus of being disappointed when the other people I want to get together don't.

I guess it's the hopeless romantic in me. I want everyone to be happy and in love. I want a happy ending. I like happy endings. And my childhood definition of a happy ending always involved the guy and girl getting together (living happily every after).

Here are a few of the "RIGHT" couples that I've "shipped" (I'd include pictures of the "WRONG" ones but some of them are hard to find pictures for so we'll just stick with the "RIGHT" ones.)

Booth and Brennan in BONES

Castle and Beckett in CASTLE

Chuck and Sarah in CHUCK

Monica and Chandler in FRIENDS

Ross and Rachel in FREINDS
 A part of growing up, I suppose, is learning to realize that a happy ending isn't always about falling in love or getting married. A happy ending can mean many things. I just have to figure them out. Another thing, despite what I may think, not everyone is meant to end up together.

Ah, the hard facts of life.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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