Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fictional Guy(s) of the Week: Kevin Ryan & Javier Esposito

[Yep, this week there are two FGWs. The reason is simply this, Ryan and Esposito are practically one character but at the same time they are two separate individuals. It's weird how it works. So I'm calling this the Dynamic Duo Fictional Guys of the Week. Who knows, it may happen again. Enjoy.]

Where They're From: ABC's Castle

Their stories:

Okay, so these guys are "minor" characters. They don't have a whole lot of story to them. And honestly, when we do learn something about them, it's said in passing. I'm not superhuman, I can't remember everything we've learned about these guys. So I'm just going to write what I remember or the impression I get from them. Sound good? Okay. Onward!

Detective Ryan: He's Irish-American with a deep love and respect for his heritage shown by his lapel pin. Also, I think he like sweater vests. He's good at his job and although he's the more mild of the partners, he still does good work.

Detective Esposito: He's Hispanic. He speak Spanish. I love guys who can speak foreign languages... um... not the point. He's been a cop for awhile and he's good at his job. He's a little more outspoken than his partner and more likely to let his emotions rule but it's effective.

Together these guys create a dynamic duo that assist Detective Kate Beckett and writer Richard Castle in solving cases. Woo Hoo!

Why They're FGWs:

These guys are the FGWs because I love them! They are definitely a big part of why I watch Castle. Well besides the Castle/Beckett relationship... But anyway. They rock!! They are like the perfect partnership. They work well together and they are very, very funny. They wisecrack and make jokes that bring a good portion of the humor to the Castle.

So once again, I love them and I felt they needed their week as Fictional Guy(s) of the week.

It's picture time!! Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

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