Monday, December 5, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I think I love fairy tales. More accurately, I like these refurbished retold refreshed ...I like how the fairy tales are told in ABC's Once Upon a Time. It think it's fresh and interesting and creative. I mean, to put all our classic (or maybe classic DISNEY) fairy tales into one land where they're all connected in some way... that's pretty dang cool. I just had a thought that Shrek did that... but I don't really think much about Shrek because... well I just don't.

Anyway, I'm really impressed by this show. I have enjoyed it immensely. That could just be the hopeless girl inside of me but I like how the stories are interwoven between the past/fairy tale land and the modern day in Storybrook.

So those of you who aren't familiar with Once Upon a Time, let me give you a brief recap. So we start with Emma Stone who is found by the 10 year old son, Henry, that she gave up for adoption. She has to take him home to Storybrook, Maine and that's where she learns that he has a book that tells the stories of all the people who live in Storybrook. Their real stories. The ones they were living before the evil queen, Henry's adoptive mom, cast a spell to get rid of all the happy endings. (This makes me think of Susan Sarandon in Enchanted.)

Of course, Emma is concerned for the mental stability of Henry but I think she starts to sort of believe him... or at least she humors him. Anyway, she ends up staying in Storybrook for Henry. She doesn't care for his adoptive mom, the mayor of the town, and a major manipulator.

We learn about the characters of our favorite fairy tales. The main emphasis is upon Snow White and her Prince Charming. The show tends to revolve around them whilst giving the back story of other characters like Cinderella and Jiminy Cricket...

The only way that the spell can be broken and the people of Storybrook to remember their "real" lives is for Emma to conquer the evil queen/mayor. Did I mention that Emma the outsider is all part of this... she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. 

I personally, love this show. I think it's entertaining and every episode leaves me wanting more. Not to mention the attractive men that grace the screen. Prince Charming and the sheriff of Storybrook...
Need proof... I'll happily provide it. :)

Believe me, this picture doesn't do him justice...

You forget the beard when he speaks... Irish accent. *drool*

Okay... so I've written my post. I just had to share the my love for this show with you. Sometimes, I'll admit, I wish it was a movie so we could have the ending already but I like the series. I'm excited to see what else they can do to make the world of our beloved fairy tales new and interesting.

Thanks for listening to me babble. Have a blessed day. (What movie is that from?)

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. I just remembered! It's from Valentines Day. Jamie Foxx says it to Jessica Biel. I'm good! :)

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