Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"I like to check him out at the gym, that's why."

So I'm writing a book. Well a couple actually. Well... it kind of depends on what you call writing... or what you classify as a book. My biggest problem when it comes to writing my books is... well... is it interesting enough to an outside reader?

I know what I write is interesting to me. But is it interesting to others? It's especially hard for me to gauge this because I write books like I read them. They're full of romance and... dumb stuff like that. They're not particularly enlightening. They are pure fiction, based off of my overactive imagination.

Never have I finished any of the novels I've started. And I desperatly want to change this. I want to be able to have the chance to say "I wrote a book!" A full one. A completed one. My biggest problem, I think, is that I cannot find a middle to each story. I can have a beginning and an end planned out but I don't know what kinds of conflicts to put in. Will this particular conflict be realistic enough? Is this conflict too random? Is it too easy to spot?

As a budding author, I never realized how much thought actually went into making a book work. How much time and effort it took to weld a story together so that a reader, any kind of reader, could find joy in your book. I had know idea the work it takes to craft a story and to create characters that are real and deep.

So, my inquiry to all those who may happen to read this post.... I need ideas. I need conflicts and chaos. Any kind of brainstorming would be excellent. I need something that would drive two characters away... something realistic. Something dramatic.

Imaginations are the foodstuffs of writers. 

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