Sunday, January 24, 2010

Views on a "great" weekend

I just on Facebook and it looks like everyone is having really great and awesome weekends. Everyone...but me. Why? Oh why? What have I done to deserve such a lowly weeken?

Okay... so it hasn't been the worst weekend ever for me. But it hasn't been the greatest. While others were out having the time of their lives and doing random stuff... like getting engaged and going to stores in Ogden... I was marking my place in the world. You will find a permanent indentation of my butt on my couch! Luckily I wasn't alone the entire weekend. My good ol' roommates were here and there. Kelli being the most common to be next to me on the couch. You'll find her place in the world... right next to mine.

Now, in all honesty, I have to admit the fault is a large part my own. I tend to be a recluse... a homebody... anti-social. Can I help it if I'd rather be at home watching a movie instead of partying it up with a bunch of strangers? NO! ...well yes actually. I'd probably be able to develop a taste for parties... if I really wanted to. But alas... I do not. I'll keep my anti-social ways... even if I end up being that  crazy cat/dog lady that lives down the street. Okay, so hopefully that never happens. And I hope one of my beloved loved ones would have the dignity to put me down before I got that bad.

In conclusion... you can have your "great" weekends. I'll just stay here and become a permanent fixture on the couch with my laptop on and a Simpsons episode on TV. Just stay off my grass!


  1. I thought you usually work all weekend? Hey, if you are ever bored you can always come down and visit me. :)

  2. Nooo way. Her butt is much more comfortable next to mine on the couch!

    I know how you feel about not so awesome weekends...! But it's OK. We rock. :) I love yooou!!

  3. Looks like this Robby boy looooooves you.
    He wants to maaaaaarry yooooou.
    Make you a mommmmmy...ew I just threw up.