Thursday, May 27, 2010


I haven't had the internet for 3 weeks. It's been rough but kind of nice. The roughest part was the whole IF I got in one of my classes because the project I turned in didn't get turned in the right way or something. So I've had to communicate with the teacher and try and get things fixed. Talk about stress. Thankfully that has been resolved as of yesterday. Yay!
The good thing is that I've been able to concentrate on reading and writing. I'm currently working on this book that I hope turns out as good as I want it to. I just need a really good suspenseful thing. Like a kind of plot the is mysterious. I don't think this is making any sense. Oh well.
I get the internet tomorrow in my apartment and I'm both excited yet a little bummed. Excited because I won't feel like I'm disconnected from the world but bummed because I'll be reconnected to the world. It's a bittersweet moment.
At least I'll be able to write more blog posts now. That's something good. Here's to being disconnected.

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