Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fiction: My life

I have a vast imagination. Sometimes my imagination gets in the way of real life. Who am I kidding?  I don't feel like a have much of a life. I go to school and work. Occasionally I hang out with a couple of friends or with roommates. I'm just not very... lifey.

Sometimes, sometimes I wish my life was more like fiction. Like a book or a movie. One where I'm living my normal life and then WHAM! Suddenly something happens and my life is thrown into some kind of whirlwind. An adventure or an unexpected (but good) event happens. I go through a storyline and then it's happy ending for me.

Unfortunately, life doesn't happen like that. I'm stuck living out a different, more adventurous, more exciting life in my head. I don't have the personality to make adventure. I let other people have adventure. I am merely a spectator.

So my life isn't fiction. Far from it. It's very ordinary. Very dull. Very predictable. I think that's why I write. I write to bring adventure and fiction and unexpectedness into my life. Maybe someday I'll bring it to someone else's life too, if I can ever finish and maybe publish a book.

Maybe someday....

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  1. When that happens, let me know. I promise I will read it, even if it is a sappy romance. :)