Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Been awhile

Wow, it's been ages since I've written on here. Weird, this is usually how I start my journal entries. Ha ha. Well my life has been a complete madhouse. Even now, I'm putting off something that I should be doing but it's been forever and I just wanted to write.

Have you ever had that moment where you stood back and realized that, despite your nutso schedule, you have a ton of awesome experiences happening? That's me right now. I'm in school, working for the university getting experience for my resume. I'm one semester closer to my degree and making friends in my major. I'm working on some personal writing with some friends- if I can just get the time and motivation to keep going. I have an awesome opportunity to meet friends who share my love for BONES through Twitter and Bones Theory. So, all in all, my life is going well. Not to say that it's smooth sailing. I'm feeling stress already but it's nice to just put it down on paper. I'm truly blessed.

Add to it, the slight crush that makes my 'day' job so much more interesting. He gives me butterflies even though I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize that I exist. It's a love/hate relationship between my heart and my brain. My heart says that it's worth it and my brain says that it doesn't mean anything when he looks at me like that. It's pretty much how life goes, right?

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