Friday, December 10, 2010

My name is... and I'm a dork

I'm a dork. Like a huge dork. You can ask anyone who knows me really well. I'm a total and complete dorkface. Shall we look at the evidence?

I love to color. Five year olds love to color. Why does a grown woman... girl... person love to color so much? Unfortunately, this semester I haven't really colored much. Maybe that's why I've felt stressed and out of sorts for some of it. Hmm... My mom was awesome and gave me more crayons last night. I can't wait to use them but I'm trying to be an adult and do all my homework before I color. How much do I love to color, you may ask.Well the giant box of like 112 crayons (not including the ones I got last night) and the five coloring books I own are evidence enough.

I love to read dorky, corny romance novels. I have this author that I just LOVE. She write these awesome books about the extremely awesome men that would never actually exist in real life. It doesn't take much for one of her books to send my grinning and giggling. These are books that I really can't read in public. They have to be read in the privacy of my home... preferably in my room. I don't want people asking me what I'm smiling about. They wouldn't understand.

I love TV. I'm pretty sure this is something I get from my dad. I just love watching TV. I like stories and TV is full of stories. I'm particularly obsessed with BONES. I'm sure my family gets sick of me talking about BONES. I actually just need the second season and then VIOLA!! I'll have all five seasons that are currently on DVD. Yeah, that's how much I love TV. I have seasons of shows I love on DVD. I love TV.

Sometimes I still have the urge to play Barbies. I have TONS of Barbies in my parents' attic. After I initially put them there, I would sometimes pull them out and play with them... by myself. I'm sort of a closet Barbie fan. I mean, I'm a grown woman... girl.... person. I shouldn't have the urge to buy a Barbie, rip open the package, and just brush her hair. I'm usually good at stifling this urge but when Christmastime comes around I really want to buy myself a Barbie just for Christmas. I often got a Barbie for Christmas. Until I became to 'old' to play with Barbies anymore. Just talking about it makes me want to run to Wal-mart and buy a Barbie. I'm pretty sure my roommates would think I was a total dork. Probably shouldn't do it.

I went and saw Tangled with my friend on Tuesday. I absolutely LOVED it! Now I kind of want a Tangled Barbie. But shh! Don't tell anyone. It might freak them out. I just want to attach the extra hair that comes with it! I mean it looks so cool. Maybe I should start 'collecting' Barbies. Oh... look at that. I'm talking about Barbies again. Oops. About Tangled... I loved it. I thought it was a super cute movie and that the actors did a great job with the voices. I'm totally going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

This leads me to my next dorkiness thing. I love movies. I think I also get this from my dad. I don't know what it is about movies that I just love to watch. I guess it goes back to the story thing. I love watching a story and seeing how characters act and what drives them. Maybe it has something to do with my imagination too. I lose the reality of life and get sucked into the story playing on the screen. There's something... magical about movies. Something that just captivates me. I love them.

Well... I've briefly explored some aspects that make me so dorky. Oh, believe me. There are tons more that I could say. But I'm feeling plenty dorked out at the moment. I'll just end here with one challenge for you, whoever you may be. What makes you dorky? Think about it.

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  1. My friends make me dorky. :) ha ha! No, my love for all things tiny, love for decorations, my unending love for the houses in the avenues, not being able to help myself looking into people's houses when it's dark outside the lights are on and their blinds are open (maybe that just makes me creepy.. ha!!) And my love of all things psychology. Probably that = pretty big dork. There's lots more for me, too. But Those are things I get maybe a little too excited about ha ha.
    I also LOVED tangled. (May or may not have something to do with Zachary Levi's voice as the main character... *sigh* CHUCK...) haha! Totally going to buy it, too.
    And ya know what? Pretty sure it's OK to still love coloring!
    And movies/TV are pretty great. Loving Alias and 30 Rock at the moment. (Chuck, Alias, what is it with me and spy shows?)
    Miss you, girl!