Thursday, December 30, 2010

Operation Get Some Style

I'm a jeans and a tee shirt kind of girl. Usually, my hair is pulled up in a ponytail and I have sneakers on my feet. I don't have a real style. I don't have something that shows my personality very well. It's just blah tee shirts and blah jeans. I think my sneakers show my personality the best because I usually have these colorful shoes that catch attention. But I need more than just shows to show who I am as a person. You may be saying 'people shouldn't judge you by your clothes' but we all know that we judge even when we don't mean to. It's just human nature. So anyway, I'm just saying that my style (or lack thereof) is pretty casual and low key.

I've always said that I have the potential to be stylish. So my goal is to find my style and get out of my jeans-and-a-tee-shirt slump. It's quite coincidental that my new goal happens to be set around the New Year but I'm not one for making new year resolutions because they tend to be bogus. This is just a goal that I've set recently. I'm going to find my style. It'll be like a make over of sorts. One that isn't drastic and happens gradually over the course of a few months.

This operation (Operation Get Some Style) is a process for me to feel good about myself. I want to feel pretty and stylish. I want to feel like I've put effort in to make myself feel good. I want to feel confident with myself and to know that I look good. As I write this, I'm struggle to not care what people think of what I look like but that is nearly impossible. I'm not saying that what people think is the most important thing for me, but it does play a small part (unfortunately). People make judgments and I want my first impressions on them to be positive and good. But essentially this is about me feeling good about myself. SIDENOTE: I'm also two semesters away from graduation. I should probably look into finding a more adult, more professional wardrobe for that fateful day when I get a 'real' job.

Now I just need to figure out what my style is. Hmm...


  1. I LOVE this!!!
    Not that your jeans & t-shirt deal is a bad one. But it's always fun to spice things up a bit! Branch out and try on stuff you wouldn't normally consider! I think... that you should come down to SL and we'll go shoppin!! Yeah yeah?

  2. You could always keep the jeans and t-shirt look, just spice it up a bit. I'm a big fan of heels with jeans.