Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon

 Robert Pattison is rather ugly. Especially with his shirt off. I would have rather used my imagination than to actually see it first hand. Blech. I never did see Twilight in theaters. And I vowed to never watch the movie but I ended up watching it one Sunday night with my family. And it was horrible. The camera angles were weird and the actors were... mediocre. I'd never read the books and based on the movie, I swore I wouldn't. But then the summer came... and I was bored. I read all four novels within a two week period. And I liked them. Well at least the first two. So when my friend Michelle suggested we go see the movie, New Moon, when it came to theaters, I agreed.
 We went last night to see New Moon. I enjoyed it, I will admit. And Jacob Black won me over rather quickly. Maybe it's because Taylor Lautner is so much more good looking than pale, sickly, gay looking Robert Pattison.
  The moment Taylor Lautner took off his shirt there was clapping and cheers from the audience. I never realized that people could be so weird. I have always avoided opening nights for movies such as Twilight and Harry Potter. Big crowds aren't my thing. This movie was actually well done. At least compared to the first one.
  Now, to the most important thing about the movie... hot guy running around shirtless. He was totally ripped. And he had arms that... well put most other arms to shame. And you know how I am about arms... Well this actor has worked very hard to get arms (and other body parts) to be so well defined and muscular. It was well worth the $7.50 I paid to see the movie. Not to say that I consider guys to be pieces of meat... but I sure do enjoy looking at them.
 So, in the books I root for Edward, even though Bella is a twit and doesn't really deserve him. And in the movies I will root for Jacob, because Edward is a gay sissy who needs to not be so ugly.


  1. You are weird...but funny too. ;) This was one of the more entertaining reviews I have read of New Moon. I really don't understand the Jacob vs Edward debate though. Everyone already knows that Bella and Edward get together. What's the point of rooting for Jacob if he is already doomed to failure?

  2. Hahaha, he is SO hot! Nikki, you crack me up. I'm looking forward to buying the DVD and criticizing/analyzing it with you :)