Saturday, February 13, 2010

I choo choo choose you.

SAD: Single Awareness Day a.k.a Valentines day. Recently I confessed to a guest that came to my checkstand that I really did not like Valentines day. He asked me if I was single which I admitted that I was. "You'll feel differently when you're not single." He told me. I didn't agree. Who wants to be romanced on a mandatory romance day? Not me.
In my opinion, I'd rather have a guy take me on a cute little picnic in the middle of June than get some meaningless cliched gifts. Forget the candy, flowers, and cute stuffed animals. Candy just gets eaten, flowers die, and stuffed animals fade.
Valentines day has become so commercialized it just doesn't seem to have any value anymore. To me at least.

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  1. I still agree with the person who said you will feel differently when you are no longer single. It's not about being forced to be romantic one day each year! When you are with someone who loves you, they will do little things every day to show you how much they care. Valentine's is just a day to look forward to a little something extra; like how Christmas is special even though we go to church every week anyway. Also, when you care about someone, those little things like chocolates, or flowers, or whatever else, become more meaningful because of the thought behind it.