Friday, February 5, 2010

Look at my hair! What 'do can compare with mine today?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weakness for arms. A BIG weakness for arms. The kind of arms that are defined and AMAZING. Oh man! But.... being that it is winter and the temperature is usually like... 16 degrees outside, most guys are wearing long sleeves. So... my arm fetish must be set aside only to come out when watching movies and at work (with the guys I work with-but SHH! Don't tell them that.)

In place of the arms... I have developed a taste for...well... hair.

My good friend Makae is the one that got me going on hair, because she's a hair person herself. An even bigger one than me. Everytime we're together she can't stop herself from pointing out some guy with good hair. Or even if he's cute and he doesn't have good hair she'll point it out. 
Because of her influence I am now one of those people who looks at a guy and judges him, loosely, by his hair. On the bus. At work. Any store I'm in. And when I'm watching movies. It's a new weakness in me. A guy with really good hair. 

It's really hard to describe what makes good hair. Good hair is something that is different for every person/guy. So I'll leave it to your imagination to decide what makes a person have good hair or not. 

P.S. I just really like this picture of Chris Pine. He has good hair and he's looking pretty attractive with a slight beard. And those beautiful eyes. (Sigh) Be still my heart!


  1. Hahaha! I love it! This is so true ... but when you think about it, hair is easier to look at than arms are. The only time you can't see it is when they're wearing a hat, beanie, or hood. Which doesn't happen most of the time. I will admit, though, as much as I love hair, you've got me looking at arms when they're in plain sight. Yay for rubbing off on your best friend!

  2. He IS rather attractive, and I'm pretty sure there are some great sleeves-rolled-up scenes in The Princess Diaries.

  3. You know how some people have tags and categories for their blog posts? Well I think you need to make a blog category for "arms". I think many people would be surprised at the high percentage of posts that involve the discussion of nice arms.