Thursday, February 4, 2010

The way you look tonight...

It has recently come to my attention... that I am intensely attracted to cocky guys. This revelation happened upon me as I sat watching the Star Trek movie with my friend Makae. I was drooling, as per usual, over the main character James T. Kirk. I commented on how he was so arrogant and cocky. And that I liked it. I realized at the moment that I was attracted to cocky guys. And I said so.

Makae, much to my utmost surprise, laughed at me. She was not so surprised. She briefly reviewed those specific indiviuals that I found myself crushing on in the last couple of years, pointing out the fact that they were certainly cocky fellows. I was struck by this. I had never once come to that conclusion before. It was so totally random. And yet... things suddenly made sense for me.

There is nothing wrong with being confident and sure of oneself but most the time it's the guys that KNOW they're good looking, and they KNOW that girls like them. Every time, I swear, I fall for one or a couple. Even armed with the knowledge that nothing is EVER going to happen. I fall for one.

So... my goal is... to find someone who is both confident and humble. Someone who is attractive and nice. Now, don't you go fretting. I'm in NO hurry to get hitched. In fact I'm looking for the opposite of getting married... which I guess is staying single. But it doesn't hurt to look around and find someone who has these (and other) characteristics so that when the time comes.... I'll be ready.

A good rule of thumb for all you readers out there... don't fall for guys (or girls) you work with. It can be awfully awkward when you're pining for them and they're not interested. Just speaking from experience here.

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  1. Then again ... you have to realize that it's fun to like guys who are cocky. It's easier to flirt with them and way easier to have fun. Don't get me wrong, I like the humble, attractive, and nice guy just as much as any other girl. But you've got to remember to not write off the cocky guys. They bring surprises to your day! And the cocky ones almost always have good hair. :P