Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bones: an explanation of my addiction

I've been on a real Bones kick this summer. Okay, so I've been on a real Bones kick pretty much since I've started watching it. Because of my obsession- no it's an addiction- no it's probably more than that. I think I'm a fanatic. Thankfully I don't think I've gone all the way down the road of fanatic-ism. I don't have posters all over my room and I don't participate in the chats about the show online. Oh, oh and I haven't ever made a youtube video either. So maybe it's more of me being at the fork in the road- between being fanatic and being addicted. Okay, now that I have justified my extremely unhealthy love for a piece of fiction let's share how I got started.

It had to be about three winters ago when I was first introduced to Bones. I'd heard about the show when it first came out in the fall of 2005, but at the time I was a junior in high school and not quite into criminal shows like I am now. I knew about David Boreanaz because of Angel, which I was fanatical about in middle school. But at the time I just wasn't interested. I figured it was too gory because of the TV-14 rating it had.

Suzanne (or Suzie to me) was the one that started it all. She was my roommate, my older, more experienced roommate. She was working at Hastings at the time so she had access to movies and tv shows on DVD. She was watching it one evening and I walked into the living room and started watching it with her. Thankfully she was watching the first season and she wasn't very far into it. I was hooked almost immediately.

The first two seasons were on DVD at this time so I was able to get caught up. But I think I missed the beginning of the third season. Then the writer's strike happened. I was very distraught, though I know Suzie didn't care as much as I did because she wasn't as fanatical about the show as I was. I made it through that rough patch and started watching the show religiously. Which is actually quite a sad comment on my life, or lack of one. This isn't even when I was as hooked as I am now.

I waited anxiously for the fall when I could start watching the fourth season. I think I got about seven episodes in and then I think my life got busier and I got turned off the show for some reason. Anyway, the point is is that I missed most of the fourth season. I had other things to occupy my time... I think.

I moved to a new apartment, got new roommates and had more time. I didn't feel like watching all the missed episodes and instead I watched the last two of the fourth season just so I'd be caught up enough to know what to expect in the fall with the fifth season. Let's just say that I got sucked back in. The fourth season finale had me back in the show. I waited anxiously for the fall.

I watched the fifth season on the internet every Friday. I didn't feel as fanatical about it as I do now. I guess because I was really only watching it once a week. Then I started watching the series over again once I got the first season "officially" on DVD. That's how Kaitlyn (my former roommate) got hooked.

Then I got Chelsea and Cammie (my current roommates) into it. And then I got my friend Makae at least marginally interested. My latest victim is another friend, Michelle. I'm like a virus. Or maybe I'm like Santa Claus- I keep spreading the joy. Ha ha.

So, if you think this is the last time you'll hear about Bones, you are sorely mistaken. I will try to limit what I say. I have actually been considering just starting another blog focus solely on just TV and movies. Because those are the things I love... next to books that is.

Until next time.


  1. Definitely a virus.

    So much disturbing. images.

    {yeah}. Ew.

  2. It's like a virus that, deep inside, makes you very happy. Virus Claus!