Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Head is Full of Them

"Alice in Wonderland was my inspiration for celebrating half-birthdays. Also, it's January and we need something in our lives to get our minds off the grayness of Utah in winter."
These are the first two lines of my new story... the one that I came up with last night. The story that doesn't exist outside of my head... and these two lines.

I always have story ideas. I get them from my everyday life. Something so small, so inconsequential can spark a scene idea or a story idea. My head is full of them.

My dilemma is that I can never seem to take the idea and create a finished product. I can sometimes get a half finished product that I always tell myself I'll finish. And yet... no book. Nothing to really share. I'm still stuck in a head full of story ideas.  

Perhaps my problem is that I don't really have all the much life experience. I get stuck writing about stuff I've never in fact experienced for myself. But isn't that why it's called fiction?

Help. Please.


  1. You should get a journal type book and start writing down ideas and prompts... Then maybe one day they can start blending together into something you can use as a story. I rock at writing prompts and one liners to get attention, but I can't ever get the story to keep going either.

    I like your line about half birthdays! One of my best friends has the sweetest husband, she came home one day and he had made her half a birthday cake for her half birthday.

  2. I love the blog re-vamp! And the two liner. Great idea ^^ right there. Get a journal"!

  3. This sounds awesome! And, hey! My half-birthday is in January! That was a lot of exclamation points...

  4. Haha, that wasn't very helpful. Um...maybe have a lovely writing party with a dear friend?