Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten Friends on a Camping Trip

Today my mom gave me my first pair of rain boots. I've wanted rain boots for.. ever. I just never could bring myself to get some. Usually by the time I decided to get some the weather had warmed up and they weren't necessary. Finally I have some. All it took was my mom purchasing them in DC, stuffing them into her suitcase, and flying home to Utah. No problem at all.

Why do I need rain boots? I don't necessarily need rain boots. It doesn't rain all that much here. There's snow but I have a decent pair of just regular boots. But sometimes it gets slushy and yucky out there. Plus I think rain boots are the greatest. It's the little kid in me. The same person that loves to color and secretly wants to still play with Barbies. I want to put these rain boots on and go jump in some puddles.

Anyone want to join me?


  1. Yes. You can come down to SL next time it rains, we will put on our rain boots and rain jackets, and go jumping in puddles like crazed children. :) Please?

  2. I love your "All About Steve" reference there ;)