Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fictional Guy of the Week: Logan Echolls

So I've been a little preoccupied with a little show called Veronica Mars. That's why this weeks Fictional Guy of the Week is Logan Echolls!

Where He's From:

Veronica Mars

His Story:

So pretty much, we're supposed to HATE Logan Echolls. He's a jerk. He's a bad boy. And we're just supposed to hate him. It's as simple as that. Not!

Basically here's how the story starts: Logan used to be Veronica Mars' best friend's boyfriend. Then he got dumped and the best friend got murdered. When Veronica sided with her dad on the Lily Kane (the best friend) murder case, Logan began a war.

He tormented Veronica. He flaunted the fact that she was no longer part of the group (the 09ers) in her face and anyone willing to listen. He pretty much made her life a living he**. But then, you start to see some of Logan's back story. Turns out our jerk a-hole is actually being abused by his actor father. It's pretty sad actually. That's not to say that Logan should be able to treat people like he does. It just explains a little about him. And then the knowledge that he truly did love Lily and he felt as if Veronica had betrayed him when she sided with her dad.

We see a softer side of him through out the end of the first season. Of course, his world goes sliding out of control into a sea of chaos. But by the time the second season rolls around, the damage has already been done. We can't see him as a jerk anymore. We're hooked. We're slightly, sort of, totally in love with the jerk of Neptune high.

Why He's FGW:

I kind of gushed a little in the story part but that's not going to stop me from doing it here too! This is my blog and I'm going to gush as much as I want.

Logan Echolls just wiggles his way into you heart with his scathing remarks, witty quips, and his beautiful brown eyes. Okay, okay. So he only did it to me. Come on, give a girl a break. Sometimes you find yourself attracted to the jerk, the bad boy. There's something about a guy who's not afraid to just hurt your feelings... okay, that seems really, really wrong.

Maybe it's just something about Logan Echolls that gets to me. Maybe it's the way that he looks at Veronica. The way he comes to her rescue more than once. He has a way of just being there. And he's not afraid to be honest about what he thinks.

He's had a rough life. His family life is messed up. His love life is messed up. And he's still working through high school!

Uh, now I just want to skip to the picture portion.

So for your viewing pleasure... May I present Logan Echolls:


More drool.

A little more drool...

Not quite Logan Echolls and more Jason Dohring.

Now I just need a bib when I look at him.

Okay, so I couldn't resist a kissing picture. Don't judge me too harshly.

And another one. Wowee!

So there you go. Logan Echolls... another fictional guy to capture my heart. Ha ha ha.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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