Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fictional Guy of the Week: Shawn Spencer

The Fiction Guy of the Week is... Shawn Spencer!!!

Location: USA's Psych

His Story:

Shawn Spencer is the ultimate con artist. He has convinced the Santa Barbara police department that he is a psychic. He's not a psychic. He's just really good at noticing details. Training he received from his cop father, Henry, as a child.

Shawn and his best friend/partner, Burton Guster also known as Gus, opened their psychic detective agency named simply Psych shortly after Shawn started his con. Together they have helped not only the Santa Barbara Police Department but other private clients solve all sorts of cases. To put it simply, Shawn and Gus are pretty dang good at doing their "job".

At the Santa Barbara Police Department, there is the dynamic duo of Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'Hara. They're the two detectives that constantly battle and/or work with Shawn when he has his psychic episodes. They're the team that he has the most contact with. Also, I'm a shipper for Juliet and Shawn. Just had to put that out there! 

Why He's FGW:

I have a tendency to pick characters that I'm currently watching a lot of. A coworker recently got me hooked on Psych and thus on Shawn Spencer. I enjoy Shawn's eccentricity and his humor. I haven't laughed so much at a show ever, I think. I think that's what I love about it so much: it makes me laugh. And recently, I've needed to laugh.

Shawn Spencer is funny and ridiculous but he gets the job done, even if he has a few (or several) false starts. He's a little bit charming and when he wants to be, sympathetic. Also, he's attractive in an average guy kind of way, even if he's really not an average guy.

And now for the picture portion of today's FGW... enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this week's FGW.

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The Hopeless Romantic

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  1. It's funny how fat he gets in later seasons. :)