Friday, April 22, 2011

My Manly Man

I was walking to class this morning in the rain without an umbrella. At this moment in time, I'm a little boy crazy (but not in a teenage way- just in a "I like to drool over guys" way.) so I was thinking about guys. I came to the conclusion that I had a preconceived notion of what I think a "manly man" is. Unfortunately for me, I'm pretty sure that in real life, this manly man doesn't exist. Also, I think I contradict myself with my delusional fantasies of this manly man but that's okay because at least I acknowledge that this isn't real. Right? 

A Manly Man doesn't carry an umbrella. The exception, however, is when this manly man is wearing a suit. Only then it is 'suave' to carry a nice umbrella- like a Mary Poppins umbrella only manly. (Confused yet?)

A Manly Man doesn't do Band-aids. He wipes the blood on his pants and goes about his business. The exception is, of course, if it's a terrible wound. But then he has to be convinced to go to the Emergency room and he'll insist that he can fix it himself.

A Manly Man holds the door open for girls. That one is pretty self explanatory and there are really no exceptions to this- not off the top of my head anyway.

A Manly Man isn't afraid of a little hard work. Whether it's dirty work or something as simple as cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty... or soapy. He also understands that house keeping isn't strictly the woman's job and he'll help me- er, uh he'll help keep the house clean.

My manly man isn't afraid of a little sweat. (But he also showers everyday- and smells good.)

I was planning on making a long list about what I think a manly man is but I've decided that the list is ever changing with what I find attractive. In retrospect, I think this list isn't about my ideals of what I perceive to be manly. I think this list is about me mostly. As I get older and more wiser(?), my taste change and how I view the world changes too. It really don't matter if one guy has these few 'manly man' qualities. It really matters more that I love this (make believe) man to take him as he is.

It's common for women (especially delusional ones like myself) to think that they can change a man into what they want. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Not that I have a ton of experience (or any) under my belt. It's strictly observation on my part.

Pretty much... my manly man probably won't have half of these qualities but hopefully I'll love him (whoever he may be) enough to get over it. These are, after all, the delusional ramblings and day dreams of a single gal trapped in a world where getting hitched is all the rage. (As of now I am closely aquainted with at least half a dozen girls who are getting married this summer.)

*Sigh* I started this post a few days ago with the intention of listing off qualities I find attractive in guys. After contemplation, I've decided to just let it go. In the end, whatever happens, I'll find the one who can put up with me and my weird quirks. Maybe I should be focusing more on what makes ME attractive to the manly men out there. And maybe I should just stop worrying about manly men and focus on regular guys who actually exist.

Some food for thought for me. That could be the lack of sleep talking though. Hmm.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic.


  1. That kind of manly man exists! You described my man to a T. Except he just never carries an umbrella...regardless of whether he's wearing a suit or not. hahaha. But you can find someone who is everything you want and more. Promise! :)
    You crack me up :) Love ya girl!

  2. My dad always says(and I've heard this echoed by many general authorities) "Don't focus on finding the right one, focus on being the right one."

  3. I LOVE THIS! :) and I love you! best post ever!! I think I'm also in love with your manly man! ;)

  4. Your manly man may be closer and more real than you think...
    I hope one day I can get the guts to show you...