Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

This week's Fictional Guy of the Week is... (if you can't tell from the title) Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds!!

Where He's From: (the very short lived) Firefly and Serenity (it's a movie)

His Story:

Just a quick background for those of you who have never seen Firefly (and if you haven't, you totally should!). The story starts after the earth got used up and new "earths" have been created on different planets. The central planets have technology and the power. The outer planets are not as technologically advanced, some rivaling the old west in our history. Anyway... Malcolm Reynolds was raised on a ranch on a planet on the outskirts of the system (if I remember correctly).

There was a rebellion when the central planets started to demand control of all the other planets and Mal was part of the rebellion fighting against them. Unfortunately, the rebellion failed and the central government won control. So now, here's a man who's lost faith in his beliefs. So he buys a ship and gathers a rag-ma-tag crew and starts flying around doing whatever jobs (smuggling) he can get

So the gist is... Mal Reynolds is a space cowboy who has lost his faith and now has a crew depending on him for their livelihoods. They tend to get into some pretty interesting situations but somehow they make it through... as they should. [Spoiler alert: by the end of Serenity (the movie that conclude the abruptly ended series) Mal has gotten back some of his faith.]

For serious, go watch Firefly. It'll change your life. (That may be a little dramatic but go with me on this.)

Why He's FGW:

So why is Mal Reynolds FGW? There are so many reasons. Number one: Nathan Fillion!! Nathan Fillion plays Mal Reynolds and makes him who he is. (Confused yet?) I L-O-V-E Nathan Fillion. He makes my heart happy and I would marry him if he asked (also, dramatic... and there's like a twenty year age difference between us... that could be awkward...)

Number two: He's fan-freaking-awesome!! I mean, a SPACE COWBOY!! If you know me, you know I kind of sort of have a thing for a) cowboys- or at least the idea of them and b) guys with guns... Add the surly yet lovable character of Mal and I'm in love.

Mal has issues- but doesn't everybody? He's a little surly and curmudgeonly. He's not a particularly happy person. He refuses to admit failure. He tends to make some situations worse than they should be. But... he cares, even if he tries to seem like he doesn't. He feels responsible for his crew and he'll do what he has to to keep them safe and fed. He does have sense of justice and he will put his life on the line for someone he cares about.

Basically, he's a man with flaws and as a hopeless romantic, I love him. Ha ha ha!

Of course, I haven't forgotten about our (my) favorite part of FGW. Picture time!!

Uh, can anyone say "Space Cowboys are hot?"

See above picture caption
Can you see why I love him?

Remember that thing I have about guys and guns... as long as they're not bad guys... And he is not a bad guy.

I thought this was cool picture. Look at Adam Baldwin... also hot! (I think I have issues)

Love him! Especially in suspenders!

I'll admit that he looks a little like Han Solo here... love it!

Yowza! He's awesome!

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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  1. Oh my freaking goodness, I love Mal!!!!! And Firefly really did change my life... well, in a 'I got a whole bunch of awesome friends who I can watch Firefly with' type of way. That show is full of amazing one liners. *sigh* it just never gets old.