Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This crazy thing they call life

I've been pretty stressed out these last few days. The main reason is simple. I have an apartment lined up and for sure have one roommate lined up but we need a third person to move in with us. I thought it would be so easy to find someone. I thought that there were tons of girls anxiously looking for an apartment with a couple of awesome roommates. Of the three people who have shown an interest, two have said no. The one is still in limbo. And I'm starting to freak out. I think that we could maybe afford one month with just the two of us but... it would be tight. And I really don't want to try. I'd really just like someone to be interested and say yes.

I know that if it doesn't work out, that I won't be immediately homeless (there's always the option of moving back home- gag- love you mom and dad!). I still have a little time in my current place (my brother's house) but they're expecting a baby (my first nephew!) and I want them to have the room to baby-fy it before January.

I keep waiting for my phone to ring with someone on the line wanting in. It hasn't happened yet. We've posted stuff everywhere advertising this amazing apartment! But no one seems to want to move in with us.

Stress is becoming a normal part of my day. Not like, normal day-to-day stress but the kind that puts a pit of nervous energy in your stomach so that all you can think about is this thing that is stressing you out. What will it take to get someone interested in this apartment!? And what will happen if no one ever does get interested? Will I be stuck back in square one where I have to go looking for an apartment again? I don't want that!

This stress gets multiplied when I start thinking about the fact that Christmas is coming and graduation is coming and I really don't have my life figured out. I've been planning on this apartment thing working out and now I'm scared that it's not going to. Then all my plans will fall through and I'll dive into the depths of a stress induced depression and my will to accomplish things will fall even more so than it is now.

*Deep breath* I think writing this post is helping... or making me more stressed because now my problems are "down-on-paper".

Life is crazy. And full of stress. And never goes according to plan. How am I going to make it through?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic


  1. Youre going to "put your big girl panties on and deal with it" ha ha ha. That's my favorite quote from pinterest. But for Reals you are going to keep your head up, stay positive, and keep going!! Because everything IS going to work out, and you're going to be fine, :) Sure things might not go exactly the way you have planned- but they never do! Amiright? lol. They work out the way God has planned for you. So keep taking those deep breaths, keep calm, and carry on. Trust that God's got your back! Cause He always does. Good luck! I'm praying for you!! Love you, miss. :) also, you kn ow I want pictures of this potential apartment!!

  2. Um...ditto :) But seriously, life is crazy and things don't always work out the way we want them to, but God totally has a plan for us. Just keep the faith!