Friday, October 7, 2011

I shouldn't be so excited...

This morning I watched a promo for season seven of Bones. It was so AWESOME!!! I can't wait! There are 27 days until the season premier!! Can I make it?! *clears throat* So anyway, I've decided that I might be just a little too excited. I mean, it is just a television show. The characters are fictional. It's about murder and full of gross bodies. I shouldn't like it so much. I should be cool and adult-like and not get so excited.

Forget that! I'm totally excited!! I'll be counting down the days until Michelle and I have our Bones premier party! Not counting today... 27! Tomorrow there will be 26! And the day after that will be 25! This is not healthy...

*deep breath* I am calm. I am not squealing and jumping up and down like a five year old. This is all figurative by the way. I'm sitting in the hallway at school and thus cannot jump up and down without making a fool of myself.

Until Next Time,

 The Hopeless Romantic

P.S. Please don't judge me too harshly for my excitement. It's the little things that get me through my last semester of school. This is definitely one of those things. 

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  1. The little things that got me through my last semester were gummi vites and talking to the baristas at starbucks during my all-day long stays there on the weekend. I mean, Bones beats gummi vites any day!