Friday, October 7, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Matthew Quigley

This week's Fictional Guy of the Week is... Matthew Quigley!!

Where He's From: Quigley Down Under

His Story:

Matthew Quigley is a gunman. Meaning he knows guns. He travels to Australia to show off one of his modifications to a ranch owner named Marstons. While in Australia Quigley meets Crazy Cora who thinks he's her husband, Roy, come to fetch her.

Quigley doesn't care much for Crazy Cora but still lets her tag along with her. They are each others constant companions from the port to the ranch to the outback to the Aborigine tribe back to the port. Eventually, I think Quigley does come to care for Cora and she loses a lot of her craziness when she finally comes to terms with the fact that she accidentally killed her own child and that her husband sent her away after the fact.

Quigley learns of the ruthlessness of Marston and his men. He ends up killing a couple of them, including Marston. He also befriends a tribe of Aborigine that come to his rescue a few times. Pretty much it's the trip of a lifetime full of adventure, gunfights, crazy people, and near death experiences.

[If you really want to know his story, just watch Quigley Down Under. You won't be disappointed.]

Why He's FGW:

I love Quigley. He's the epitome of an American cowboy even when in the Outback. Also, he shoots guns. I don't know what it is about good guys with guns that sends my heart to pounding. Add Tom Selleck (whom I love beyond words) and the cowboy ways and the guns and the good guyness. Wow! I think I'm in love.

I just love his sense of right and wrong. He won't work for Marston. He protects Cora even when she's nutso. He learns and accepts the ways of the Aborigine who save his life. He's a good guy. Plus... I think he's hot. ;) I mean, tall, broad shouldered, dimples, and a pretty dang stinking amazing mustache (who is Tom Selleck without a mustache?).

Okay... I'm always going to write these amazing posts about these characters but while writing all I want to do is stare (and drool) over pictures.

So for your viewing pleasure, I present the picture portion...

[There aren't a ton of pictures so don't hate me- hate the internet... and my laziness...]

Come on! I thought this was cute. So sue me.

Quigley and Cora's first meeting. He's defending her honor... sort of.
Don't tell me you're not impressed.
Tall, broad shoulders, and carrying a gun... where can I get one?

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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  1. Guys and guns huh? How come you didn't comment on my recent post featuring guns?
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