Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fictional Guy of the Week: Wendell Bray

And the Fictional Guy of the Week is... Wendell Bray!

Where He's From: Fox's BONES

His Story:

We don't really know much about Wendell Bray due mostly to his position as a secondary (or would he be tertiary level?) character. What we have learned, we've pieced together from numerous episodes. He comes from a lower class neighborhood and he's going to school on scholarship and with the help of loving neighbors. He comes from a single parent home (right?) and he has knowledgeable skills as a bar-tender. He has street smarts but he's also very good with science. 

He gets along with everyone in the lab and Booth. They play on the same hockey team and seem to be really comfortable with each other. Also, Wendell is very good friends with Hodgins (even thought he slept/dated Hodgins' girl!)

Wendell, as of late, has been the most seen/used intern in the lab. (I have no qualms about this.) And there you go. I think that about covers it. Right?

Why He's FGW: 

I've never considered writing about one of the "squinterns" from Bones before but when I saw Wendell (aka Michael Grant Terry) on an episode of Criminal Minds I just couldn't resist. (I may have seen him shirtless...) Of all the rotating interns, Wendell is probably my favorite. I'd be totally okay if he became the permanent intern. My reasoning is this: he is a little bit of Hodgins and a little bit of Booth. Meaning... he has the perfect balance of scientist and real life guy to be an asset to the lab. At least I think so.

I think Wendell is awesome. I think he's got the background that makes him able to relate to everyone in the lab. Single parent issues= Cam. Science stuff= Brennan. Hockey/sports/street smarts= Booth. Science (and Angela)= Hodgins. Compassion/knowledge of human suffering (or whatever)/ (Hodgins)= Angela. So you see, Wendell's got something for everyone.

He's got the perfect balance of traits that make him excellent in the lab but he also has an understanding of human nature. In essence... Wendell Bray is AWESOME!

 And now my favorite part... pictures!

What are you thinking Mr. Bray?

He looks all "squintern-y". Mmm...

See above caption.

Pretty much awesome!

And this is the "human" side of Wendell Bray. Wowzer!
And because I couldn't resist (and the fact that there aren't a ton of pictures of Wendell Bray) here are a couple of the one and only Michael Grant Terry.

Color me smitten!

I think I love him... just a little.

I'm coming to the startling conclusion that the greater portion (or all) of my FGW's are only written because I find the character/real life person attractive. Do you judge me? ...If you do then you're a lame-o! I can't help it that I find certain men attractive. So sue me. But don't really.

Until Next Time,

The Hopeless Romantic

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  1. Oh, my! I love him too, though I'm still mourning the loss of Vincent Nigel-Murray. He was my favorite...but I will give you that Wendell is much hotter- I mean better suited to all members of the team...