Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a little glimpse inside my head

Due to my recent re-obsession with Bones, more specifically FBI agent Seeley Booth, I've been craving to write myself a new story. A story with someone based (loosely) on Booth. So I decided to do it. My story in mind (and it actually is in mind because I have yet to sit down and write it) actually involves a Private Investigator (how does Spencer Ryan sound?) and his new assistant- whose name is yet to be determined. Anyway, so this story is from the assistant's first person point of view and how she deals with her (arrogant and demanding but totally awesome and kind) boss. The story line is going to (at least for now) mostly take place in the office and maybe even some stake outs (we'll see). Because I have the hardest time ever finishing one of my stories I'm hoping that if I get other people involved besides the two friends who usually help me that I'll have enough motivation to keep it going.

So, here is a little snippet of what I think would be a good prologue. Please don't hesitate to give your feedback. 

If someone had told me [x-amt of time] ago that I would one day find myself handcuffed to a bed with my boss I would've called them crazy. Well here I am. My right wrist handcuffed to the wrought iron headboard and my left handcuffed to my unconscious (extremely attractive) boss. How did I get myself into this mess?

So that's what how I want to open the story maybe with a little more of her thoughts or something. The next page would contain the flashback which would be the rest of the story up to the beginning. Does that make sense? Well I hope you enjoyed that brief (very brief) look into my head. I think I'll post some more stuff about this little project as I go along, just to keep myself motivated. 

The word of the day is FANTASTY. For example: Have a fantasty week! (Yes I did make that word up. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.)


  1. I absolutely love this! (If you don't mind taking a compliment from one of the aforementioned two friends :P) And I love the word "fantasty". Where have I heard that before?

  2. yes! I like it! I would read it!

  3. Well ... as you already know ... I will probably be hounding you for this book as well. It just sounds so intereting! Goo dluck with it. :P