Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ten things...

The idea of a blog is really quite narcissistic. I mean it's pretty much you talking about... well you. Yeah, I know, you can talk about other things but when you get down to the core of it... it's all about talking about yourself and your life.

So that's what I decided to do. I thought it'd be interesting to give a few little known facts about myself. So here goes:

1. I'm afraid to ride in elevators alone. I have this fear that one day it's going to break down on me and I'll be trapped alone in an elevator. And being stuck in an elevator would probably make my claustrophobia flare up and I'd probably go insane. Alone in an elevator.

2. I have to shower everyday. If I don't shower I feel disgusting and gross and usually I'm pretty crabby. So I try to shower everyday.

3. I have issues with touching people. I don't feel comfortable with people touching me unless I'm really comfortable with them.

4. Scary movies and I are not friends. Because of my over-active imagination I can't watch scary movies because it'll be in my head for awhile. And then I'll probably dream about it and have nightmares. It happens a lot. So I avoid scary movies.

5. I'm deathly afraid of needles! I was thinking the other day how I could really be a nurse or a doctor if I weren't so afraid of the needle part. They just scare the crap out of me.

6. I'm also afraid of wasps/bees. I run when they come at me. It's so scary. I don't like them at all!

7. I love shoes. But if you look at me closet I don't have very many. I guess you could say that I have really good self control when it comes to buying shoes. And I like all kinds of shoes: sneakers, heels, all kinds of them.

8. I'm more comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt than anything. I'm a casual person so I like to dress casual.

9. I'm a very cautious person. I have never broken a bone and what little scars I have are small and very inconsequential. I watched my brothers (Josh specifically) getting into scrapes and I just didn't like the pain or the yuckiness of wounds.

10. I can read about romance. I can watch it on TV and in movies. But I cannot stand seeing public displays of affection in real life. It's positively vomitatious.

So there are just some little known facts about me. Well maybe you know more about them than I realize but I don't really care.


  1. #3: I sure hope you're comfortable with me by now. Otherwise you probably hate my guts! ha ha.
    #7: You're a pirate now, eh?
    #10: Some PDA is OK for me. But I definitely gotcha. Ha. ha. ha.

    #11: I love you!!! :D

  2. You make me smile ... so would #1 be so bad if you weren't alone in an elevator? What if it was full of people ... would that be better or worse? Haha!