Thursday, April 8, 2010

On reality...

I have issues with reality. I find myself getting so caught up in stories... in TV shows and in books. It can't be healthy. It isn't healthy. Is it totally sad that I have to physically remind myself that it's not real. It's something that someone else made up. I can't seem to grasp this concept. Which is unfortunate. 
I was also thinking that... well I can accept other people's reality, but not my own. Look at me life- I'm so consumed in books and tv shows and movies. I don't really have a life. I don't really do reality. It's too messy and too many emotions get involved. 

Is this going to lead me to have a sad and lonely life where I spend my time talking to my feral cats and yelling at the game show hosts on TV? I certainly hope not. 

A good rule of thumb: Remember that reality is relative. (Does that make sense? I just thought it sounded deep so I went with it.)

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