Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ain'tcha Never Seen a Western?

I asked my dad the other night if I could borrow some movies from him. Now normally I don't ask to borrow movies, I just go and pull out the ones I want. My dad, however, keeps his favorites or his 'special' ones in his room. And John Wayne is both special and a favorite. I specifically requested a couple of John Wayne movies for the following reason: I'm writing a paper on Westerns with an emphasis on John Wayne, mainly because when I think of Westerns I think of John Wayne.

Dad says he'll find me a couple and I don't worry anymore about it. He disappears into his room for a rather long period of time and then he comes out with a stack of movies in his hands. He puts them in a certain order before handing them to me. "You need to watch them from this one to this one." The first movie is  "Stagecoach" and the last one is "The Shootist". My younger brother Logan thrusts one more into my hand. It is "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence."

So now I have this stack of nine John Wayne movies in my hand and I'm not quite sure what to do.... How about a John Wayne Movie Marathon! And even better how about I write about my experience watching these movies! Every time I watch one of these movies I'm going to post my experience and my feelings and my views of the movie.

Buckle up... it's gonna be an interesting week!

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