Friday, March 5, 2010

Pearls Before Swine

 This cartoon pretty much sums up my job at Maceys.


Anyone who has worked in the service industry, whether it be fast food, retail, or a grocery store (would that be considered retail?) knows that this happens far too often. 
I've had people ask me some of the stupidest questions. Now I know that the Providence Maceys is a large store but seriously people! USE YOUR HEAD.

"Where's the frozen aisle?"
   "Hmm, maybe where the freezer's are!"

"Can you tell me where the paper plates are?" 
       "Oh we like to keep them on aisle one with the cereal. Just to shake things up." 

Okay, so those are only a couple of the questions that have been directed to me. I was going to go into more detail but I really just don't feel like it anymore. Just know that people really irritate me. Just use your head! I understand that certain items are hard to find. Like Worchestershire sauce and pickled pigs feet (No, I'm not sure we carry something like that, although you can get pigs feet from the meat department.)
But for the no-brainer stuff... just THINK! 

I am now done ragging on the stupid people that wander this earth searching for answers but always asking all the wrong questions. Just enjoy the comic. I know I did.

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