Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shots of Nostalgia

 Something about this time of year just sends memories rushing to the surface. I think it's the weather warming up that does it. The way it teases us with warm days, like a sample of what's to come. It just doesn't get here fast enough. It gets my thoughts thinking on summer and thoughts of summer get me thinking on the past. Because I don't have many thoughts on the future. Yet.

When I think of summer I can't help but think of summers as a kid. Riding bikes through the neighborhood, before it went all "wrong side of the tracks" like it is now. Playing in the sandbox and swinging. Eating slushies on the front porch.

And when I started reading books, I remember summers spent in the shade on a blanket, totally absorbed in a book. Walks to the library with my big bag of books.

If I had to choose between being in a refrigerated room or a stuffy, hot room I'd totally pick the stuffy hot one. I can't stand being cold. I'd rather be hot. I'd rather be comfortable but when is that ever an option. So... basically this time of years sets the extreme longing for summer rushing into my life. And summer sends memories into my brain. A dose of nostalgia.

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