Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm sorry. We don't have Victorian tanning beds here.

Tonight. Tonight I did the thing I always said I'd never do. I went TANNING.

I've never been a fan of "safe tanning" because in all actuality it's not the safe. But I figured I'd never do it so I wouldn't worry about it. Well... my friend Michelle... invited me along with her. And I was kind of curious so I complied.

Let's just say that it was both of our first and LAST times going tanning. I really just didn't really care for it much. Not that it was bad or that I got terribly burnt because I didn't. I just didn't feel all that comfortable. Tanning just isn't for me. I'll stick with a blanket and a book in the summer sun at a park from now on.

I'm rather comfortable with my paleness. It makes me kin to the Victorian women of yesteryear. Even though my dad doesn't understand how I can wear skirts and show my pasty legs I don't really care that much.
So... now I can say that I've tried tanning and it's just not for me.

And hopefully I won't become a statistic concerning skin cancer and tanning beds.  

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